Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Help Remind Robbie That We're Not Going Away

Robbie has a number of YouTube videos that he has blocked me (and other contributors to this site) from commenting on.  Could you do us a favour and let him know that we're not giving up? 

I tried posting on this video but, as you can see, I'm blocked from doing so. (I'll have to upload the image later - it is giving a server error when I attempt to add a picture.)

My comment was:  Robbie Thomas claims to have solved the Victoria Stafford case - though, almost a week after she had been brutally murdered, he did tell the family she was still alive and would return home alive and well.  Court documents were just released and Robbie was NOT involved in solving the crime.  The baseline killers case is no different.  Robbie is a liar and a fraud.

Here are other videos that could use some attention:

The other 9 videos that Robbie has posted he has done so with comments disabled.

As the previous posting suggests, you can also email Robbie @

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Hold your false look of surprise: Robbie lied

Well, the publication ban has been lifted on the Tori Stafford case and, as suspected, Robbie Thomas was NOT involved in solving that crime (he has never solved a crime using his claimed psychic abilities).

Details also show that, not only was Robbie not involved in solving the crime, he (as mentioned here and on my other blog actually told the family that Tori was alive and would be found alive and well - about a week after she was brutally murdered.

April 8 - Tori goes missing. (Abducted)
April 8 - Abductors buy garbage bags and a hammer.
April 8 - Lifeless body is disposed of.
April 13 - Robbie Thomas claims (on X-Zone radio) that Tori Stafford would be found alive and safe. (He also told the family this as was reported in the London Free Press and other websites)

I will make a prediction now.  Robbie Thomas' solved cases counter will not change in the next 9 years.  Robbie Thomas has solved 0 cases in 18 (or 20) years.  A perfect record!

If you have a moment, congratulate Robbie - (and, if you do, carbon copy us -

Monday, November 22, 2010

Here we go again: Robbie offers to support a charity

If you have been following or have read Sarnia Skeptic's blogs regarding Robbie Thomas, this will be somewhat of a rehash.  We're revisiting this issue because Robbie is doing it again.

Robbie, in the past, has attempted to suggest legitimacy of his antics by trying to associate himself with reputable charities - charities that support families of missing children and the like.  As Robbie has often claimed that he has solved missing persons cases (he hasn't) using psychic powers (which likely don't exist but Robbie definitely doesn't possess), these organizations have demanded that Robbie not use their name/website/information in his promotions.

Charities are thankful for the money they receive from donations but, for the most part, aren't going to toss aside their morals/values/mission for the sake of the dollar. 

Often people will operate their own fundraisers with the proceeds going to a specified charity but the charity is not aware of such.  This is likely the case with Robbie's recent "fundraiser".  He is offering to donate $5 of every sale of his new book (through his website) to "Diabetes Association for children" (which doesn't exist). 

Don't be fooled - this is not an official fundraiser (never mind the fact that the only "Diabetes Association for Children" is located in Nevada - and they are not aware of Robbie Thomas' fundraiser and say that they do not support it).  Robbie Thomas will do anything to suggest legitimacy and to sell his books. 

Monday, November 15, 2010

Fanshawe's Student Voice: Solving crimes from the other side

Robbie recently had a "news" item published in Fanshawe's Student Voice.  The incredulous piece written by Jessica Ireland goes through the standard shtick that Robbie gives out - with changes that Robbie makes because he isn't good at telling the same story.

Read: Solving crimes from the other side

A subsequent letter to the editor, Psychic into self promotion refers to and the incredulity of the report.  Thank you, Ian Koropatnick, for your letter to the editor!

Ironically, Robbie holds firmly to the idea that he "assisted" in the Victoria (Tori) Stafford case (which he didn't solve).  Since that case, thousands of murders and abductions have happened yet Robbie hangs on to this horrible example as if it was the "best" he had done. 

The very next blog entry on this site: "Is he lying or just not familiar with the English language?" deals with the cases that Robbie claims to have been involved in so I won't go through it here.

Robbie is claiming he has been a "psychic criminal profiler" for 20 years (ignore for a moment that we have copies of all of his old websites and the "psychic criminal profiler" title is only a few years old for him) and he only refers to a handful of cases?  If he has psychic powers (he doesn't), they're hardly worth bragging about.  0 solved cases in 20 years. 0 recovered children in 20 years. 

If you come across a site referring to Robbie Thomas, please email us at  We also encourage others to do what Ian Koropatnick did - speak up.  Robbie Thomas is not psychic.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Is he lying or just not familiar with the English language?

On Robbie's website, he states:
"He has successfully assisted in murder/missing persons cases for twenty years with different Law Enforcement Agencies and families internationally as a Psychic Criminal Profiler. "

Given that Robbie Thomas has never solved a murder/missing persons case (ever - not in 20 years, not in his entire life) using his claimed psychic powers, he is either lying or redefining the words "assisted" and "successfully".

On the "Cases" page of his website he has two (only two) solved cases.  Both of which he didn't solve and he didn't assist in solving.

First, Victoria Stafford (Tory).  He may have had contact with the family but he did not assist in the solving of that case.  Once the trials and appeals have been complete, a simple Freedom of Information Act request will prove that Robbie is lying if he claims he solved that case. (Keep in mind that Robbie told the family that "Tory" was still alive more than a week after, we now know, she was actually murdered.)

Secondly, the site lists "Ceasar Ivan Cano" - Sarnia Skeptic deconstructs the "evidence" that Robbie Thomas (who is not psychic) puts forward to support his claim that he solved.  Also, Robbie later claimed that the police didn't listen to him and that they could have saved the life of the child if they had (which is also untrue as he was murdered within a very short time of his abduction).  That would imply that Robbie did not "successfully assist". 

What do you think? Liar and fraud or unfamiliar with  Either way, he can't help you (or anyone) solve a missing persons/murder case using his claimed psychic powers (Robbie Thomas is not psychic). 

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Robbie Spends About $100 and Brags About It

It seems that with Robbie's inability to put together a tour or draw a crowd of more than 30 people at almost anything he does, we would have little to write about Robbie.  Maybe we're scraping the bottom of the barrel for this posting but, hey, it is about Robbie and scraping the bottom of barrels is his pastime.  Here's proof:

Robbie claims to be an author and screenwriter, he claims to work with police in solving murders and missing persons cases, he claims that he has solved a bunch of cases and he even claims that the Vatican (oh, and the US Marshals) consult him.  He makes a lot of crap up - we've already pointed that out. 

This blog entry isn't about what Robbie Thomas made up - it's about what Robbie is pushing off as some sort of validity for himself. 

On Robbie's new website ( he has recently added that he is "registered" with the Writers Guild of America, West (and he used a logo that doesn't match the one found on the Writers Guild website). 

That's wonderful, Robbie may actually have registered his scripts with the Guild - it doesn't make them good, it doesn't make them worthwhile and it isn't something that few people could do.  Anyone can register a script - shell out $20 and send them the material and you get a registration number - whoopty-f'in-doo.

For $20, I'm going to register the full contents of the Stop Robbie Thomas blog site. 

Other than being out about $100, not much has changed for Robbie. Robbie Thomas is still not psychic, he is still not consulted by the Vatican, the US Marshals don't call on him and he has still not solved a single missing persons or murder case using any claimed psychic powers.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Remember the Psychic Justice Tour? What about ParaCon 2010?

Despite the tour being over, we must remember that it didn't end as Robbie Thomas had predicted.  We know this because his poster suggested that he was doing a lengthy tour and it ended after about half a dozen shows (all with horrible numbers of attendees).

The border of his poster shows the cities that the tour was to include.  Going through them...
  1. Oakland - No Show
  2. St. Louis - No Show
  3. Minneapolis - No Show
  4. Virginia Beach - No Show
  5. Pocatello - No Show
  6. Santa Fe - No Show
  7. San Diego - No Show
  8. London - No Show
  9. San Fra(n)cisco - No Show
  10. Seattle - No Show
  11. Salt Lake - No Show
  12. Fort Wayne - < 20 attendees
  13. Sioux City - < 20 attendees
  14. Portland - No Show
  15. Houston - No Show
  16. Phoenix - No Show
  17. Sedona - No Show
  18. Ogden - No Show
  19. Tacoma - No Show
  20. Tucson - No Show
  21. Orlando - No Show
  22. Santa barbara - No Show
  23. Malibu - No Show
  24. Boston - No Show
  25. Toronto - ha ha ha ha
  26. New York - No Show
  27. Sarnia - Anthrax Attack!
  28. Louisville - ??
  29. Detroit - No Show
  30. Des Moines - No Show
  31. Chicago - No Show
  32. Denver - No Show
  33. Ft. Lauderdale - No Show
Paracon 2010
Robbie Thomas was the organizer of CanAm ParaCon 2010 - held early August at the local Quality Inn.  Since the event we have been able to confirm a number of details.
1.) There was no ghost tour held at the Lawrence House
2.) Less than 40 people (including speakers and family) were in attendance (a Quality Inn employee tells us that there MAY have been as many as 20 people in the room but an attendee says they counted 32 different people including speakers and family members)

Other Notes
Robbie Thomas is no longer advertising his Queen Mary "tour".  Interestingly, when contacted, the staff at the Queen Mary were unaware of who Robbie Thomas was and were not aware of any scheduled tours with him.

Robbie Thomas' "best selling" book has not sold any copies on Amazon which probably means that all customer reviews on other book selling sites are probably fake.

Many of the contributors to this blog have been banned from commenting on Robbie Thomas' videos on YouTube.  If you have a YouTube account, consider adding a comment to Robbie's videos and make reference to this site.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Typical Robbie Thomas

A follower of this site alerted us to an update on Robbie Thomas dot Net.  Following the "Cases" link you will find a copy of an email:
----- Original Message -----

From: Producer
To: rob thomas
Sent: Saturday, February 04, 2006 10:18 AM
Subject: 'X'Zone Radio

Dear Robbie,
Sometimes I think you are an angel...I'm sorry I didnt get your reply in time , but,....It all worked out okay .

I have wonderful news,... Coreys' mom just called and he is fine ! He was ticked off, just like you said.....he said he didn't think anyone would even notice he was gone. Thank-you for all you have done Robbie..........we so very much appreciate it.

God Bless, Laura and Rob
However, the very same "Rob" that supposedly sent Robbie that email now has Robbie listed on his: "The 'X' Zone Order of Woo Woos" ( and beside Robbie Thomas' name is the following:
Psychic who claimed 8-year-old Victoria Stafford would be found well and safe on April 13 2009 on The 'X' Zone. On Sunday July 19 2009, her lifeless body was found near Mount Forest, Ontario.
Reports suggest that Victoria Stafford was murdered within a day (or two) of the abduction (April 8, 2009).  Not only was Robbie Thomas wrong about Victoria Stafford being found well and safe - at the time he made such a claim, she had already been murdered.
Robbie Thomas is not psychic.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

About Robbie Thomas - Cutting through the crap

Robbie Thomas(claimed psychic)'s latest website (he has changed his website almost as often as he's changed his stories) has an all-new (but really tired) "About Robbie Thomas".  See it for yourself at if you'd like - or read it with a proper interpretation right here.
ABOUT ROBBIE THOMAS Robbie Thomas is a Best Selling Author with the book Paranormal Encounters. He has also three other books, published titles are...Signs From Heaven, To You From Spirit and A Link To Heaven...Chats With The Other Side. His success has seen two screenplays being written with a third in development for a trilogy titled, 'Paradox' in the Paranormal Horror genre.

First of all, Robbie Thomas (if at all) is only a best selling author compared to other books at his little known publisher.  No major magazines or newspapers have identified either of his books as best sellers ever.

Robbie references his "success" as having (in the past) seen two screen plays being (currently) written.  This is probably completely made-up but we'll give him the benefit of the doubt.  The "third in development for a trilogy titled 'Paradox'" is interesting when you consider that 'Paradox' (as per the auto-reply email that I got from his email address in February) was supposedly "... coming to screens everywhere in 2009. Robbie produced, directed and wrote the screenplay for this factual based movie based on the Paranormal and twisted it with Horror." (See the bottom of a previous blog entry by Sarnia Skeptic.) Or check out Robbie's YouTube video advertising it.
Robbie is a contributing Author to three other titles one of which he worked with Award Winning Screenwriter, Gloria Shepherd. With Paranormal Encounters being a Best Seller there is more to come from Robbie, keep your eyes open for the new smash hit book 'Paradox The Gates Of Hell' coming soon!
How does a book that hasn't even been completed/released become a smash hit?  Oh, I forgot - Robbie claims to be psychic and any psychic worth anything would be able to predict the outcome.  (Let's forget, for a moment, that Robbie Thomas is not psychic.)
Robbie has worked with many integral individuals within the paranormal community and starred in the critically acclaimed hit movies, The Sallie House and Dead Whisper. Robbie is also an outstanding professional motivational speaker as an expert in the metaphysical/spiritual/paranormal industry. He hosts the Can-Am Parafest Events in Sarnia, Ontario, Canada each year that sees a variety of celebrities speakers from television and film come to present on various topics in the Paranormal, Horror and Comedy genre's. For more information on the CanAm Parafest Events go to
Neither The Sallie House nor the Dead Whisper were hit movies if you follow any definition of "hit movie" that I could find.  Robbie is hardly an outstanding professional motivational speaker - - this was a talk from the 2009 ParaCon event.

The site is (at the time of writing) not active.  Robbie has changed the name of the event each year with the website for each year disappearing shortly after the event was supposed to have happened.  At this point we have not heard from a single person who attended the 2010 event (if it even happened) but we do know that 2009 was a flop (I went). 
He has successfully assisted in murder/missing persons cases for twenty years with different Law Enforcement Agencies and families internationally as a Psychic Criminal Profiler.
Robbie Thomas has never solved a missing persons or a murder case by using any claimed psychic powers.  No police have ever credited him with solving them.  On Robbie's "Cases" page, he refers to the Victoria Stafford case.  A family member had written Robbie a letter and he uses it (incessantly) to push his abilities though he did not solve the case.  The police force that was involved in the case does not work with psychics and did not solve this particular case with the help of Robbie Thomas - police work and community support is what caught the alleged murderers (oh, did Robbie forget to mention to everyone that he claimed that Victoria was alive many days after she had been murdered?) (Sarnia Skeptic has talked about this case extensively here, here, here and here.) 

In 20 years (Robbie claims, now, that he has been doing this for 20 year) he has never solved a case - I wouldn't consider that to be "successful" assistance.  Countless missing person's groups sternly state that they do not work with psychics and many have posted formal warnings about the harm that psychics do/have done/can do.

The Cano case (also listed on the "Cases" page) was not solved by Robbie Thomas.
Robbie has been featured in many magazines world wide, notables would be, Paranormal Magazine (England), Fix Magazine (Canada), Unexplained Paranormal Magazine (United States), Haunted Times Magazine (UnitedStates), Silent Voices (England), Visions Magazine (United States) and many more.
Forgive me, Jessica (the publisher of Fix Magazine), but Fix Magazine is not a "notable" "world wide" magazine - it is a good local arts and entertainment magazine (  I have a hunch that, though he may have been featured in it in the past, a second feature won't be happening.

The issue of Robbie being featured in magazines does not change anything.  If your life and career are based on blatant lies and fraudulent claims, it doesn't matter how many magazines or newspapers you are in - the lies are no more true and the false claims are no less false - you are a liar and a fraud. 

Until Robbie Thomas presents a single bit of supporting evidence to back up his claims, we will have to assume that the claims are false.  And that's all you need to know about the non-psychic Robbie Thomas.

For humour, check out this contract that Robbie Poulton/Robbie Thomas created for another project he was supposed to do:

Saturday, August 21, 2010

1 Year Later - Did Robbie Thomas Solve The Case? Nope.

Another massive failure for someone who seems to be known for massive failures.  Congratulations Robbie - you have been able to keep your perfect record (0 solved cases) for 20 years!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Robbie Thomas Paradox: Does he ever speak the truth?

Our good friend Robbie Thomas has re-joined Twitter.  A while back Robbie was using his twitter account to publicize his involvement in cases that he has not solved (oddly, he failed to mention that).  Some of the cases go back years and years - even ones that he claimed would be solved within months. 

Robbie Thomas cleared his Twitter account because at least one family began notifying him that he is not permitted to use their deceased family member for his self-promotion.  He denied he was (Robbie lies) but deleted the twitter account anyway (failing to realize that I and SarniaSkeptic had already made copies of it all).

Well, Robbie Thomas ( is back at twitter (I think he missed having us point out how stupid he is).  A recent post (the most recent at the time of this entry) talks about his "4th release" (4th book) that supposedly hit #2 on the best sellers list at PublishAmerica on June 25th.  A week later (and to this day) the book is not listed anywhere in their best sellers list. 

What I find fascinating however, is Robbie is seemingly unable to count.  You see, here is a screen capture of the tweet and his "bio" on Twitter: (

I find this most fascinating because on you see that he had written 8 books by 2006.  Since then the number has dwindled to a mere 4.

In case you haven't heard much about the book, here's a "review" of "Paranormal Encounters" that was sent to SarniaSkeptic:
A poor example

I was intrigued by the title, but after reading into the book two chapters I knew that this book would be a disapointment. It is poorly written, gives no new information, and is possibly the worst book on the paranormal I have ever read. Feeling ripped off, I wanted to return the book, but found that I should contact the author and express my thoughts. In google I found Robbie Thomas, the author accused of many unlawful and unethical things. One web site in particular had information on him. is all you need to know.

The stories about this movie being made were totally made up according to the people involved. The movie was said to be shot in 2008 and 2009, yet has never been released. There are Youtube videos of the movie and that says it all. It is horrible and the book is the same way.

This book is horrible. I could not recommend it and I wouldn't suggest sending your hard earned money to a con man.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Miss the psychic justice tour? Not really.

It has been a while since we blogged about Robbie Thomas - with the disappearance of his "psychic justice tour", there hasn't been a whole lot to say.  I would like to say that I miss the psychic justice tour but that wouldn't be the truth.  Society is a better place when pseudo-psychics and liars* are not actively abusing and using innocent and trusting people.

*Robbie is both - he's claimed to have worked with the Vatican! He also claims to have solved missing persons and murder cases using his psychic powers which we are certain is a blatant lie. Oh, and he claims he has worked with the Vatican! It needs to be repeated, yes. Never mind the fact that the Vatican does not accept psychic powers - but they seem to be bedfellows with liars so that might be his connection.

In less than a couple of weeks, Robbie Thomas will be holding the 2nd annual Canam ParaCon in Point Edward (Robbie claims it is in Sarnia - but then Robbie claims a lot of things that aren't true).  His list of speakers has faced a number of revisions (Members of the team and a number of other people felt the need to contact many of the potential speakers to let them know a little bit about Robbie - Robbie wants publicity and we're out to give him a hand.) to the point where it is a couple of Robbie's close friends (also harmful to society) and Aron Houdini (who, we're told, may not be attending either). 

Here's the low-down as it appears on his site. The event is scheduled for August 6th and 7th - August 6th is only a "Celeb Party" where you can "meet and greet the celebrities from your favourite television shows and movies" (Unless your favourite movies and shows are ones that feature Robbie Thomas, Keith Age, David Fultz and Michael Esposito, I suspect you're going to be disappointed).  To attend the "Celeb Party", you have to purchase the "Ghost Pass Package" for $129 - which also gives you access to the August 7th conference and a ghost hunt at the Lawrence House later on the 7th (hint: there are no ghosts, the hunt will, again, be fruitless).  Otherwise you can purchase a $50 ticket for the August 7th conference only.

The "Ghost Pass Package" is limited to 50 people (it will not sell out) and we suggest it will be the biggest waste of money you could find in the area.  (You could have seen Rush - VIP - in Sarnia a couple weeks ago for only $119!  You would have also got what you paid for.)

Vendor booth prices have also dropped through the floor - the price is now only $50!  And it, too, seems to be only for one day. 

Oh, if you are a skeptic and plan on attending the ParaCon, do not purchase tickets - contact us at - you'll understand why once we hear from you :) . 

Visit his site directly at:

Other Robbie News
Robbie has replaced his website with one created by, I'm told, one of his children.  On the site you can book a reading for $150/half hour, $250 for an hour or have one question answered via email for $20 ($40 for 2, $60 for 3 - what a deal!).  You can also sign up for his newsletter - one year for only $29.95! 

Reassuringly, he hasn't changed his approach, though: he's still using victims of crime for the promotion of himself and his wares.  See for yourself at

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Promoting Stop Robbie Thomas - has received some publicity but, as you can see from one of the more recent blog entries, not everyone is willing to accept that Robbie does not have psychic powers.  Families are being victimized by Robbie Thomas and other psychics and we need to get the word out.

We've recently started advertising on a very popular (local to Robbie) classifieds site (see and we've purchased some Google advertising.  We're looking for your assistance - include a link to on your website or wherever you can.  The message is important and the stakes are high because psychic predators are causing real harm.

We are also in the process of having printed materials created for handing out at Robbie's shows - if you are in the area of one of his shows and would like to assist, we can either send you the printed material or the documents for you to print them yourself. 

For new visitors, check out the links pages which include the following and more:

From Entertainers to Predators: When Psychics Cross the Line
Psychic Robbie Thomas - Murder Victims are not Commodities
Psychic Picks up Tinsley Case
KlaasKids Foundation - Missing Children - Hazards - Psychics

Monday, June 14, 2010

Friday, May 28, 2010

Robbie Thomas has fans!

And one of them created a "fan" video on YouTube. 

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Robbie Thomas' 100% Inaccuracy

Robbie was recently in Sioux City, Iowa to visit his girlfriend "perform", on stage, a cold case reading for the Jodi Huisentruit case.  In Robbie's advertisements for the "show", he claimed:
"Robbie doing a live cold case reading on the untimely disappearance of News Anchor Jodi Huisentruit from Mason [City,] Iowa. On scene Death Investigator Gary L. Peterson will be in attendance on stage. You will witness never before seen real time investigative work with a Psychic Detective LIVE as information will be passed along to assist in this case."

Robbie's prediction that Gary Peterson would be on stage: FAILED

As you'll see in the documents that I link to, Gary Peterson called in and did not appear on stage.

Okay, so that's a bit weak for a failure, you say?

How about this - Robbie Thomas interviewed/was interviewed by Gary Peterson 2 years ago.  The case still remains unsolved.  This, alone, should leave people wondering what good psychic powers are if they can't solve a case in two years.  But, and I digress, people can't be reasoned out of a belief that they weren't reasoned into - so belief in psychics continues.

It is often claimed that Robbie Thomas has solved 0 cases in 18 years and, though that is almost certainly the case, the fact remains that there is not a single case in recorded history that has been solved using what people claim to be psychic powers.  Robbie Thomas is not alone in his complete and clear level of failure.

As I mentioned at the start of this entry, Robbie was recently in Sioux City to do another "reading" for the Jodi Huisentruit case but, before I go on, let me say this: we do not fault families and friends from grasping at straws.  At times when there appears to be no hope - any hope, even false hope, that is offered is hard not to accept.  Robbie Thomas' offers to assist would be honourable and just if he simply were telling the truth - he isn't. 

On the site, are three recent articles that speak about Robbie's (at the time) upcoming reading and then the subsequent statements about the reading from both Gary Peterson and Robbie Thomas.  Robbie's (limited) writing skills in his statement, oddly, match the writings of "defenders" of Robbie on sites such as Topix and his recent coverage for his Ft. Wayne show.  As the site is likely to be updated with "Psychic Solves Cold Case", here are the direct links to the articles. (I'm ready for someone to quote-mine that one.)

Huisentruit to be Topic of Upcoming Psychic Reading Event
Gary's Update from Robbie Thomas Event
Robbie Thomas Summarizes Event 

On the first link there is an audio file from the 2008 reading/interview that Robbie Thomas and Gary Peterson had. 

Without going into the specifics (of which it wasn't very specific) of what Gary and Robbie claim Robbie provided for information, let me make it clear that Robbie is clearly abusing the English language when he refers to "facts".  At this point in time, much of what he claims is either knowledge obtained earlier, clear speculation or completely made up stuff.  If there is one "fact", it is that Robbie is not afraid to make up stuff (his crew claimed that people were handing out envelopes anthrax at his first event).

Everything that was provided that turns out to be true will have to be countered by everything else that turns out to be false.  Any suggestion that Gary gives about Robbie knowing things that nobody else knew is a clear indication of his willingness and desire to believe that Robbie has some psychic abilities.  The reality is that if Gary knew it, he either was the criminal and the only person who could know it or Robbie could have learned the information the same way (or another way) that Gary, himself, learned it.

Even if Robbie happened to guess correctly about something (so insignificant) like this, it was information that was already known.  What a real psychic should have been able to do is to name the murderer, produce the body and give the location of the criminal(s) involved.  Otherwise, what good are these so-called psychic abilities?

Vague, non-specific information is absolutely useless in the resolution of a crime.  Though it might give hope (false hope at best) it is a waste of police resources and can divert attention from the "real" evidence.  Robbie Thomas' actions are the complete opposite of helpful.

As we have recently received a number of emails from people claiming "how do you explina the Tori Stafford case?" (their spelling), "robbie solved the stafford case" and a few others with similar claims, let me restate it firmly here.

Robbie Thomas was NOT involved in solving the Tori Stafford case.  Robbie Thomas is a liar if he claims anything different.  The only thing that Robbie could retro-fit to the crime was that he "saw" wagon wheels.  Seriously. That's it.  "Wagon wheels?" you ask, yes, wagon wheels.  He, after the fact, claims that the wagon wheels represented Amish "country" - near where her body was found. 

Do you think Robbie would have said "I was wrong, I meant wagon wheels from Amish carriages" if where Tori was found was near a kids play area that had a wagon or if the body was found at another person's home that also had kids?  Nope, you can be sure that he would have said "the wagon wheels represented the presence of other children" or "there was a wagon only about 12,000 feet away".  If you think I'm kidding, consider Sarnia Skeptic's ball kicking of Robbie on the Cezar Cano case. 

You'd also have to ignore the fact that the Ontario Provincial Police have claimed that they do not use psychics and that the facts of the case will show that police work and community involvement solved the crime.  As for the Cezar Cano case - the Louisville Police have stated that "when the case goes to court, I think you'll see that Robbie Thomas is fabricating a story".

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Stop Robbie Thomas: Mash Up

Since work has me on the road quite often these days, there has been little time to blog.  Just like my last posts, this one is going to be quick with a real "mash up" of topics.
Most emails we're receiving are positive and supportive which is somewhat surprising given that Robbie Thomas supporters seem endless on his Facebook page.  I realize that there is a bit of back-patting going on with many of his supporters because they, too, are woo-woo pushers or members of the "I'm a psychic too" group. 

A blog reader sent us links to pictures from Robbie's show in Indiana where you will see the packed house that it was (not). Reports from attendees agree that, in all, there were 14 people in attendance.

Even more exciting news is that made it to the local paper. I haven't seen the printed copy yet but from all accounts, it not only made the paper but was a substantial part of the front page of the paper (the VERY front page). Robbie Thomas should be proud.  (I don't have the photo editing skills that Sarnia Skeptic has so I'm going to link to his article for now.  I'll also add a link in the links section of this site.)

Our good friend SarniaSkeptic ( received a reference too.  To be fair, the article was spurred by his recent covering of a local group's attempt to 'fundraise' by having a psychic come to Sarnia to ruin people's true memories of their lost loved ones.

Ryan Hulshof, a local skeptic and fervent supporter of this site (and the skeptical community as a whole), was kind enough to speak with a reporter about the supposed rising tide against claimed psychics.  Unfortunately the article wasn't all that well researched as SarniaSkeptic's recent tongue in cheek "I was wrong, I am sorry" article was taken completely (intentionally maybe) out of context.

Congratulations and thank you Ryan and the rest of the skeptics in Sarnia - you are a real inspiration and a great help!

In other news, a local company has come forward to cover the domain costs for the site so the,, and will be ours for the next 10 years!

And finally, for those who have emailed to offer assistance or to become a part of our "group", Thank You!  I will get back to each of you personally when time allows. 

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Hey Robbie! Here's some free publicity!

Our great friend, Robbie Thomas (who is not psychic) needs some help with publicity so we're going to give it to him.

If you care to believe John Ramses (Robbie Thomas' ex-manager), Robbie Thomas is likely to be visiting his girlfriend (to his wife's dismay) in Sioux City, Iowa this week.  It is advertised on Robbie's site that he will be doing a reading for the Jodi Huisentruit case.

However, it is interesting that the show following that one is ever changing.  It was supposed to be in Louisville, Kentucky originally and then was moved locations and it has subsequently moved again.  Robbie Thomas, though, does not list the location of this next show.  (I am sure it was simply a mistake on his part.)

When I checked with them (before buying tickets), they told me that it was at:
Van Lear Volunteer Fire Department

Which is either at:
326 Millers Creek Road

Van Lear, KY 41265, United States
(606) 788-0177
101 Euclid Avenue
Paintsville, KY 41240-1112, United States
(606) 789-5200

(and this site seems to confirm it)

The show is on May 21, 2010.  I'm not suggesting that everyone should contact the Volunteer Fire Department to let them know that, to stand with the police and victimized families who DO NOT SUPPORT Robbie Thomas, the Fire Department might want to reconsider letting a known lying scumbag use their facilities.  Someone should contact them, though.

To those that are planning on attending Robbie's shows with the goal of disrupting the performance, we ask that you do not.  Please take the "high road" - Robbie Thomas is the lowlife slimeball and we don't want to stoop to his level.

Recordings of Robbie's shows and readings are much more valuable than disrupting a performance (hey, they have all had less than 30 people!).  If you have recordings of Robbie (his readings, his shows, etc.) we would be interested in getting a copy of it or reviewing it.  Please contact us at if you have anything that might help us in our quest to Stop Robbie Thomas.

Friday, May 7, 2010

In the news: Robbie Thomas proves himself not psychic

With the recent news coverage that Robbie received, a number of people had emailed the account.  Thank you!  One of the other contributors asked if I'd be able to comment on it.  As some are aware, I have little to say about Robbie but I'll try my best to cover the recent news.

Robbie Thomas (who is not psychic and he proves it!) was recently featured on a local national news affiliate in Fort Wayne, Indiana as well as on their website in a news article.  (

The comments on the news article appear to be the "what's the harm?", "Robbie is a fraud" and the others are likely Robbie masquerading as someone else claiming that the "haters" are losers.  Typical Robbie fare - typically stupid stuff from a rather inane character.  I think it is important to address (again and again) the "what's the harm?" question and I'll do that before I get into the "Robbie proves that he's not psychic" part. 

I really sympathize with anyone who has lost a loved one at the hands of another person - I can only imagine the horror that a family endures to know that their family member was kidnapped or murdered and that the crime remains unsolved.  I believe, too, that I'd accept whatever 'help' was offered in a time of need.  Many would see it as a "nothing ventured, nothing gained" type scenario or take an "if a psychic can solve it, great, if not, we're no further behind" position.

That, however, isn't all that happens.  Psychics (which almost certainly do not exist so when I mention "psychic" in reference to a person, I mean "claimed psychic" or "pseudo-psychic") waste valuable police resources, provide false hope to a family and distort and desecrate the memories that families have of their loved ones.  Not only that, but (as in Robbie's case in particular) psychics have falsely accused others of horrendous crimes that they never committed.  I suggest to anyone who welcomes a psychic to solve their crime that the false accusation against someone else is harmful.  I've been through this before - I encourage you to take a look at some of the links on the link pages on this site.

Now, on to the great stuff - anyone who accepts this recent news as a positive for Robbie Thomas can only do so if they choose to forget all of his previous news.  ALL of the press that Robbie gets as it relates to his assisting in the resolution of unsolved cases is in advance of the case being solved - there has never been an instance where the paper/tv has published an article on him (especially not days later!) to announce his success.  That has never happened - and it will never happen as a result of any claimed psychic abilities. 

Robbie Thomas Failure Example #78
Five or so years ago, Robbie Poulton of 'Robbie Thomas Offices' (as referenced here) (we've been asked to clarify the Robbie Thomas we're speaking about because others have emailed us concerned that they are being falsely accused of scumbaggery), met with a local (to Sarnia) family to "assist" them in the resolution of an unsolved crime (murder) that was committed against their sister.  The newspaper covered it, and Robbie proudly touted that coverage as "proof of his abilities" (if it is "proof" of anything, it is "proof" that he claims something and not that he has achieved anything) - today, more than 5 years later, that case remains unsolved.  Robbie told the family that the crime would be solved in 6 months.

Robbie Thomas Failure Example #826
Robbie met with the family (family members have told me that he went to the house and left his business card on the door step!) of another person who, at the time, was missing - in this case the young girl was kidnapped (footage showed her being escorted away from school by an unidentified person).  During that meeting, he told a family member that the girl was still alive and would be returned home.  He bragged about his involvement in the case, went on a radio show to talk about it and to tell the radio host what he told the family (that she was still alive).  Today, he has the nerve to suggest that he helped in resolving the case - the girl, who was murdered a week (or more) before Robbie claimed she was still alive, obviously did not return home alive - she wasn't even alive when he was telling the family that she was.  The Ontario Provincial Police (the agency that ultimately solved the case) has firmly stated that they do not use psychics and that Robbie Thomas was not involved in solving the case.  Where's the headline Robbie?

Sadly, two more families (in the Fort Wayne, Indiana area alone) are about to have their hopes raised (and then dashed) by the very scumbag that this site is named after.  (Robbie, brag about this coverage!) 

You read this whole article?  Great! Watch Good Morning America on Saturday, May 8.  I predict it might be worth doing so!

Update: May 8, 2010 (Stop Robbie Thomas)
Sources tell us that Robbie's Fort Wayne, Indiana show had 14 people in attendance.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

SarniaSkeptic Delivers Robbie Thomas Rundown

In his own quirky but funny way, SarniaSkeptic gives the Robbie Thomas rundown - compact, quick and witty.  It's just sad that the story really isn't that funny - Robbie is doing real harm.  In SarniaSkeptic's own words...
Continue reading...
I became involved with Robbie Thomas about a year ago when I had written a blog about the Tori Stafford case. When the police had informed the public that arrests were made, I wrote a blog entry stating the obvious - that a psychic (namely Robbie Thomas) would be standing with the police at the press conference to be recognized for solving the crime. Sadly, Robbie must have been too busy solving other crimes that he couldn't make the press conference. What made me mad, however, was that the police didn't even mention him. Not in passing and not even a reference to a psychic being involved. Obviously the police are covering something up.

(SarniaSkeptic remains a blog contributor on this site but has opted to take a more pointed approach on some aspects of Robbie Thomas as Robbie has recently claimed to be suing him. We stand with you SarniaSkeptic.)

Monday, May 3, 2010

Where's Robbie Thomas? New Tour Dates Announced

As found on, Robbie Thomas has announced more tour dates.  (You should note, however, that certain dates/locations are changing.  The Louisville, Kentucky location is no longer in Louisville, Kentucky.)

Ft. Wayne, Indiana - Friday May 7th, 2010 from 8 pm - 10 pm

Robbie will be doing a live cold case reading on the untimely death of Joesette Purcell with her family in attendance on stage. You will witness never before seen real time investigative work with a Psychic Detective LIVE as information will be passed along to assist in this case... Read more...

Sioux City, Iowa - Friday May 14th, from 8 pm - 10 pm

Robbie will be doing a live cold case reading on the untimely disappearance of News Anchor Jodi Huisentruit from Mason Iowa. On scene Death Investigator Gary L. Peterson will be in attendance on stage... Read more...

Louisville, Kentucky - Friday May 21st, 2010 from 8 pm - 10 pm

Don't Miss Robbie Thomas and Psychic Justice Tour! Live Cold Case Reading Of April Pennington. Robbie will be doing a live cold case reading on the untimely death of April Penningtom from Paintsville Kentucky. April's Mother will be in attendance on stage with members from April's family along with authorities involved in this case... Read more...

Columbus, Ohio - Friday June 19th, 2010 from 8 pm-10 pm

Ohio Man dies in arson on South Side - Helena Brumfield calls 911 after looking out her back window to see the house behind hers is on fire. Not even knowing that her own son, Robert Brumfield, 28 was inside burning to death. There was no known reason for the husband and a father of two, Robert Brumfield to be in the house. The fire was ruled an arson and the victim was found in the hallway face down with one gunshot in his arm, Brumfield was burned alive. Read more...

St. Charles, Missouri - Friday June 25th, 2010 from 8 pm - 10 pm

Special Guest Appearance By Steven LeChance Steven is a Haunted Survivor, Author, Speaker, Talk Show Radio Host, and Executive Producer.

Steven founded Missouri Paranormal Research and co-founded the Paranormal Task Force after living through an extreme haunting himself along with his family and friends. Steven developed the idea of The Humanistic Approach to investigation in order to help others. Read more...

Friday, April 30, 2010

Carrie "Northern Valkyrie" - From Friend to Foe

Carrie recently posted a blog on "keen" that might interest some of the followers of this "movement". 

Carrie's background is covered in her blog.  Here it is in her own words:

An apology for contributing to pain ...
I was advised not to say anything to avoid a legal nightmare and a half... but to be quite honest .. I've lost a lot of sleep over my actions and supporting the actions of another, but in all fairness I was lied to as well. I had to remove a lot of names here so that authorities over this site don't remove this blog, but here it goes....

Back in October my team decided that we wanted to do a charity event for the Make a Wish Foundation. We needed guest speakers and things to plug into the itinerary. I contacted a celebrity in the paranormal field to ask him his advice and if he knew anyone on this side of the Great Lakes near the GTA that would be willing to come out to our event and be a speaker for free or at a reasonable rate because the vendor space rental, possibly some ticket sales, and the beer sales were there to cover the rental fee of the venue if need be (at the blessing of Make a Wish) and if we didn't have a sell out, then we'd have to go out of pocket. He recommended an individual I never heard of and upon asking around ... Other people known in the paranormal field referred me to the same name {A certain psychic criminal profiler}. I contacted a couple of my friends in the field who have been in Canada longer than I have and all of them sang his praises and really ... I was under the impression that he was a good person with a few haters in the background. Knowing what I know about the paranormal research field .. it seemed that sort of thing was normal and it was just skeptics that were bad mouthing him. I didn't know about other people until this person's tour was announced.... continue reading

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

User Submitted: Not quite what Robbie would have you believe

A visitor to the site sent me the following (at their request, I've removed their name)...

On Robbie Thomas' site, he uses a quote from Rob McConnell:
"Dear Robbie, Sometimes I think you are an angel...I'm sorry I didnt get your reply in time , but,....It all worked out okay .

I have wonderful news,... Coreys' mom just called and he is fine ! He was ticked off, just like you said.....he said he didn't think anyone would even notice he was gone. Thank-you for all you have done Robbie..........we so very much appreciate it. "

God Bless, Laura and Rob McConnel Producers X-Zone Radio Show
You will be surprised to know that Rob McConnell does not support Robbie and has publicly denounced him as a fake.  Rob McConnell's X-Zone Radio Show page of July 2009 has listed a show called "ROB McCONNELL EXPOSES PSYCHIC ROBBIE THOMAS"

You may have to scroll down a bit or search the page for Robbie Thomas.  Robbie is also listed on "The 'X' Zone Order of Woo Woos" with:
"Psychic who claimed 8-year-old Victoria Stafford would be found well and safe on April 13 2009 on The 'X' Zone. On Sunday July 19 2009, her lifeless body was found near Mount Forest, Ontario."

(By the time that Robbie claimed this on the referenced radio show, Victoria (Tori) Stafford would already have been murdered. 
Just as Mark Edward mentioned in his posting on, it is common for names to be misspelled - often intentionally. It's McConnell not McConnel, Robbie.
It comes as no surprise that Robbie Thomas would still be using these quotes - it isn't like he is solving any cases where he'd get real, valid and current statements. Robbie's solved cases counter remains at 0 - Sarnia Skeptic)

Robbie Thomas' CanAm ParaCon 2010

CanAm Paracon 2010 is the 2nd Paranormal Conference that Robbie Thomas is organizing in Point Edward, Ontario (Robbie claims it is in Sarnia - but what is this site doing questioning his claims?).  The event is scheduled for August 6, 7 and 8, 2010 and is to be held at the Quality Inn (formerly, the Village Inn). 

More information on the conference can be found at 

I felt it important to mention Robbie's other venture as people may be mislead by his website and marketing materials (surprise, surprise).  Robbie has a number of speakers listed on his "speakers" page that have confirmed with myself (and other members of this blog) that they are NOT attending and will NOT be speaking.  Robbie has been informed of this yet fails to make changes to his promotional materials, etc.

If you are planning on attending the CanAm Paracon, I suggest you confirm with Robbie Thomas (who is not psychic) that the speakers that you are hoping to see will actually be there.  Robbie Thomas has listed as his contact address on the Paracon site.

Just a reminder: Help us protect others from Robbie Thomas - link to

UPDATE (April 30, 2010): Robbie Thomas has removed the speakers that have confirmed they would not be attending.  It is possible that Aron Houdini (who is not related to Harry Houdini, he simply changed his name to Houdini - check it out, Houdini had no children), Michael Esposito, Keith Age, Robbie Thomas and David Fultz are attending.  Maybe they haven't learned about Robbie - feel free to let Keith Age, Aron Houdini, Michael Esposito and David Fultz know about

Friday, April 23, 2010

Robbie Thomas, The Angler Fish of Psychics

As the opening of a previous article on this very subject goes: JoJo’s Psychic Alliance called, they want their frauds back…

It’s not entirely clear really, who’s at fault here, charlatans such as Mr. Robbie Thomas or the ever eager clientele of these predators. Does Robbie Thomas, the Robbie Thomas who actively misrepresents his involvement in these various cases of missing and murdered persons across Ontario and into the US, exist out of his own design? Is he the mastermind of a malicious plot to defraud millions of people out of their hard earned money? Is he an evil genius, undertaking to consume the world in a psychic rage?


There is a notion among Evolutionists, that the prey of certain fish, namely the Angler fish, is actually the selecting factor in the natural evolution of that particular species (Richard Dawkins – The Greatest Show on Earth). Angler fish are amazing creatures, living and thriving in the inhospitable depths of the ocean, where sunlight scarcely penetrates. These gruesome Angler fish have adapted to their environment with a surprising and apparently efficient mechanism for attracting the smaller fish they prey on. Anglers of different varieties have long “rods” protruding from their heads (presumably resembling fishing rods, and hence their apt name); on the ends of these rods are lures – small pieces of flesh resembling worms or deep sea insects. Some species of Angler fish actually use bioluminescent bacteria to light up their “lure”, all in an effort to make this little death trap as attractive as possible for their prey. They lurk in the dark depths of this unseen world, dangling their “lure”, aglow and wriggling, waiting for prey of a suitable size to take the bait, and with the horrific power of a Hollywood monster, the Angler opens its gaping maw of a mouth, sucking water into its body and swallowing whole anything unfortunate enough to have fallen for its trick.

It is said by these Evolutionists, that it is the prey who selects the most attractive and most effective individuals of this species (otherwise known as the fittest) for evolutionary advancement, by “taking their bait”, therefore allowing that individual a greater chance to survive and in-turn pass on their genetic material to future generations.

Is it the same with Robbie Thomas? Is he the ugly Angler fish of the psychic ocean? Spreading his lies and half-truths as a lure to potential victims, all the while refining his methods, evolving his modus operandi into an ever more efficient means of separating fools from their money? Is he the product of his own misguided sense of moral obligation, or is he the inevitable result of a society that is entirely too gullible? This may be a variation of the chicken vs. the egg argument, but it does illustrate a point nicely. Robbie is the product of his environment, that environment thus far rewarding him for behaving as he does. It’s time for that environment to change, for the betterment of society at large, and as well for the betterment of this community of morally responsible psychics and paranormal enthusiast that he attempts to hide amongst.

A good deal of time and effort has been spent to determine and document the misdoings of Mr. Thomas, never failing to miss the sad fact that his misdeeds are many and far reaching. This website [] is now dedicated to highlighting these egregious acts of fraud and misrepresentation, and in that vein it’s important to understand the legal nature of the situation at hand.

The Canadian Criminal Code provides us with definitions for fraud and false pretences (below), and as one would think that it should be enough to simply catch Robbie Thomas in a lie, the law, however, requires much more than that for prosecution.

False pretence (Definition)

s.361 (1) A false pretence is a representation of a matter of fact either present or past, made by words or otherwise, that is known by the person who makes it to be false and that is made with a fraudulent intent to induce the person to whom it is made to act on it.

Whether a seasoned veteran of the Canadian Justice System or a layman who’s never seen the inside of a court room, it’s relatively easy to see that Robbie Thomas is guilty of offering false pretence under this definition. He actively misrepresents his involvement with various levels of law enforcement, as a key investigator or consultant in the investigation of missing persons, and in the recovery of remains in homicide investigations, even though in each case we can show that he either was not involved at all, or that his involvement was akin to an anonymous tipster. Furthermore, he uses this false representation, deliberately and with full intent, as a lure to potential clientele for his fortune telling business. As if it weren’t painfully obvious already, the key point here is simply that Robbie Thomas uses these various lies as advertising testimonials, in a vain attempt to add undue credibility to his services.

Unfortunately, finding similarities between the above definition and the actions of Mr. Thomas is not the same as finding his behaviour to be in contravention of law. This definition is laid out by the Canadian Criminal Code for the sole purpose of defining the nature of false pretence, as it pertains to the offence of False Pretence (below).

False pretence or false statement (Offence)

s.362 (1) Everyone commits an offence who

(a) by a false pretence, whether directly or through the medium of a contract obtained by a false pretence, obtains anything in respect of which the offence of theft may be committed or causes it to be delivered to another person;

(b) obtains credit by a false pretence or by fraud;

(c) knowingly makes or causes to be made, directly or indirectly, a false statement in writing with intent that it should be relied on, with respect to the financial condition or means or ability to pay of himself or any person, firm or corporation that he is interested in or that he acts for, for the purpose of procuring, in any form whatever, whether for his benefit or the benefit of that person, firm or corporation,

(i) the delivery of personal property,

(ii) the payment of money,

(iii) the making of a loan,

(iv) the grant or extension of credit,

(v) the discount of an account receivable, or

(vi) the making, accepting, discounting or endorsing of a bill of exchange, cheque, draft or promissory note; or

(d) knowing that a false statement in writing has been made with respect to the financial condition or means or ability to pay of himself or another person, firm or corporation that he is interested in or that he acts for, procures on the faith of that statement, whether for his benefit or for the benefit of that person, firm or corporation, anything mentioned in subparagraphs (c)(i) to (vi).

As can be plainly seen, assigning any level of guilt to Thomas under this section –unfortunately the only section that could possibly apply to his circumstance– requires a bit more work. In layman’s terms, the crime detailed above is simply: anyone who knowingly lies –whether in writing, verbally, or even through the symbolism of implied right– for the purpose of causing someone else to act, by way of handing over property (real or intellectual) or money (actual funds, credit, or even discounts) is guilty of an offence under this section. This, as any reasonable person would agree, is illegal, and rightfully so. It should follow that the same reasonable person would find the above description to be fundamentally congruent with the behaviour of Mr. Robbie Thomas.

It has been suggested that another section of the Canadian Criminal Code might be more appropriate, given the profession Mr. Thomas engages in. The Criminal Code, through a section whose vintage is somewhat aligned with the 17th century witch hunts of early American and western European history (though is somewhat more restrained in its nature) provides the means to prosecute (as opposed to persecute) persons who offer so-called psychic or occult services in a fraudulent manner. Unfortunately, and for many wide-ranging reasons, this section (shown below) is not applicable in this circumstance, and while it might have been an easier thing to simply call Mr. Thomas a psychic fraud and be done with it, the fact that he claims to be psychic has little to do with the current distain for his behaviour. His actions would be viewed as morally reprehensible no matter his occupation, from psychic to refrigerator salesman.

Pretending to practise witchcraft, etc.

s.365. Every one who fraudulently;

(a) pretends to exercise or to use any kind of witchcraft, sorcery, enchantment or conjuration,

(b) undertakes, for a consideration, to tell fortunes, or

(c) pretends from his skill in or knowledge of an occult or crafty science to discover where or in what manner anything that is supposed to have been stolen or lost may be found, is guilty of an offence punishable on summary conviction. R.S., c. C-34, s. 323.

The reason for the discrepancy, or misunderstanding if you will, is simply that Robbie Thomas’ claim to being psychic is not necessarily in question. Quite frankly, few people care if Mr. Thomas has any real ability as a psychic or not (personal opinions and anecdote aside), the fact that he fraudulently represents himself as being affiliated with both law enforcement and with the grieving families of the missing/deceased persons in these cases is more than fair reason to justify a public outcry, and we needn’t enter into an argument of semantics over his self-proclaimed abilities. He may proclaim any manner of silly and entirely ridiculous personal powers, for doing so only makes the case for rational thought all the more potent; what we, the supporters of this website and this movement, assert, is that he may not use the names of innocent and grieving people (often children) in his pursuit of notoriety and fame.

As illustrated by the Angler fish analogy though, is the simple and underlying notion that Robbie Thomas is not to blame, and in this regard we must be careful. Robbie Thomas has wilfully and knowingly offered false pretence by way of his website and through various advertising mediums in conjunction with his website, time and again, and culpability for those actions is his and his alone. Where the rest of us come into this bizarre and twisted picture, is in allowing the Robbie Thomas-es of this world to exist in the first place. Like the prey of the Angler fish, we haplessly select these people for success by accepting their stories and lies without question, teaching them to be better flimflam artists along the way. We allow Robbie Thomas to behave the way he does, and ultimately we, as a society, must be held accountable for this serious and potentially harmful oversight. There is no time left for mulling and deliberation, Robbie Thomas and those like him must be made to atone for their transgressions, by way of law and by way of publicly exposing them for the charlatans that they truly are.

So why, you may ask, has he been allowed to continue? And this is indeed the million dollar question. Why have authorities failed to take notice? Why have the families of the deceased stood by while this cretin usurps their charity? Why has the paranormal community at large not shunned his likeness from their various institutions and halls? These are difficult questions to answer, except with a loud and deliberate call to arms in the name of morality. We cannot confidently solve these puzzles here, but we can take ownership of the situation going forward, and demand a higher standard of justice for the victims of these brutal crimes and for their surviving families, and somewhere well down the list of priorities, we can demand a higher standard for the administration and self-policing of the paranormal community.

It is sincerely hoped that these words will be taken with the gravity and forthrightness with which they were offered. This is a subject that demands and deserves our due attention and respect.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Stop Robbie Thomas - Baby Steps

Sarnia Skeptic mentioned some of his goals for the site and I really appreciate the work that him (it is a him, isn't it Susan?) and others are putting in.  Yesterday we created a couple of links pages (on the right hand side below the banner) that have links about Robbie Thomas and another page that has links about psychics and their involvement in criminal cases.

I encourage you to take a look at the links about Robbie Thomas.  We know that it is not a comprehensive list so we ask that you send us any other Robbie Thomas related links that you have to  Some of the links are pretty funny.  His story in Visions Magazine, his resume and his requested contract are worth a look.

We have added to our list of domains that point to this site.  At one point Robbie Thomas (who is not psychic) was using that domain name.  We didn't want to miss out on any still active links.  (He still uses on his site as well.) You can link to any of the following (they all point to
Now to answer some of the emails I'm/we're receiving:

I have invited a couple of guest contributors and we would entertain the idea of adding others.  If you would like to contribute, please send an email to

Robbie Thomas has scheduled three dates in May:
  • Ft. Wayne, Indiana on Friday, May 7th @ 8:00PM
  • Sioux City, Iowa on Friday, May 14th @ 8:00PM
  • Louisville, Kentucky on Friday, May 21st @ 8:00PM
If you are in the area of either of these events and are available the night of the show, I would encourage you to contact or me at

We have added a link to Robbie Thomas' website now (  Robbie Thomas' advertised office phone number is 519-337-8333 and his email address is or (These are found on his website.)

No, we have not "formally" organized a group.  We share a common goal but we have not identified a person who will be our media contact.  As it stands right now the two contributors to the blog (Sarnia Skeptic and I) are not interested in being in the spotlight.  If you have a specific media request, there are a number of supporters that we could direct you to that will/could answer questions.  This site isn't about me or any of the other contributors. It is about stopping Robbie Thomas (who is not psychic) from continuing to abuse people.

At this point we are not looking for donations.  Contributions of links for the site, articles for the site and digital content (handout and flyers) for the site are what we're looking for.

This site is not affiliated or endorsed by Robbie Thomas (who is not psychic).  It is for information only and does not necessarily represent the opinions or views of our employers, sponsors, supporters or, even, contributors.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My Involvement Moving Forward

In reading 59 Seconds (Richard Wiseman), I've come to understand the need to set out goals and to publicize them to increase my chances of succeeding so here goes...

I'm hoping, through my contribution to this site, that we can:
  1. Raise awareness about Robbie Thomas, his actions and the harm he causes
  2. Help protect others from being abused by Robbie Thomas (or other psychics)
  3. Have Robbie Thomas beaten silly by the ghosts he encounters
To achieve these goals, the steps I plan to take include:
  1. Compiling a list of links (including the ones in the original blog posting) about Robbie Thomas' actions
  2. Adding links to sites regarding psychics and their involvement in missing persons and other criminal cases
  3. Creating and maintaining (with your assistance) a "Where's Robbie?" section to outline his public plans/schedule
  4. Gathering and creating materials for others to use when they are attending a Robbie Thomas (or other psychic) event
  5. Soliciting "guest" blog entries/articles from others in the field
  6. Encouraging others to link to Stop Robbie Thomas from their sites/blogs
If you would like to be a guest contributor on this blog/site, you are asked to email but if you have something to add, that could assist me in some of my goals, contact me at

Who Am I & Why Am I Here?
I'm a skeptic and I'm proud of that title.  Skepticism is not about being a pessimist, it is a way of approaching claims and ideas.  I blog "anonymously" because this isn't about me.  Many in our city (Sarnia) and in the skeptical community know who I am and are aware of my blog/views.  I just don't feel that my position in any group or community should add weight to (or change the validity of) my arguments.  They are what they are - either valid and accurate or they are not.  The message: Think (critically) for yourself.

I became involved in this mess that is Robbie Thomas after posting a simple blog posting (Psychic Solves Abduction/Murder Case) in May 2009 about how there would not be a psychic standing up with (or being recognized by) the Ontario Provincial Police when they announced arrests in the case of a (fairly) local girl who had been kidnapped and murdered. 

Shortly after posting my blog I began to receive emails from people who had "encountered" Robbie Thomas - each with horrible stories about Robbie's continued abuse and misuse of their families and their cases.  As I learned more about Robbie Thomas, the more I saw that he needed to be stopped.  The personal stories of these families are heart-wrenching and, as a result, my blog entries took on real meaning - the harm inflicted by people like Robbie Thomas is real and it needs to end.

Though I can't speak for the other contributors to this site, I think we hold very similar views on the following; I don't see this as an attempt to ruin someone's life - I see it as an attempt to stop Robbie Thomas from ruining the lives of others.  I am here because it matters what we do or fail to do and I hope you'll join us in doing what is not only right but necessary and important.  Help us Stop Robbie Thomas.

Monday, April 19, 2010

What lies ahead...

The subject of this entry really has two meanings.

Many people have put in their valuable time in an attempt to expose Robbie Thomas (claimed psychic) with almost the only goal being to get Robbie Thomas to stop abusing people.

This site will be less of a blog and more of a referral source for the information on Robbie Thomas - it may change over time but the single focus will be on Robbie Thomas' horrible and despicable activities. 

For now, you may wish to refer to some blogs and links about Robbie Thomas pseudo-psychic:

And also...
If you have anything to add (keep in mind that we're just beginning), please email

(Note: Special thanks go out to a great number of people including (but not limited to):
Sherwood Skeptic, Reap, The Caughlin family, sadhatter, Mark Edward, sgf8, Sarnia Skeptic, Robo Sapien, Ghostboy, and the rest of the "Sarnia based hate group" as well as a number of businesses and individuals in Sarnia, Ontario who have come forward with financial and in-kind support - you know who you are.  Thank you!)