Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Stop Robbie Thomas: Mash Up

Since work has me on the road quite often these days, there has been little time to blog.  Just like my last posts, this one is going to be quick with a real "mash up" of topics.
Most emails we're receiving are positive and supportive which is somewhat surprising given that Robbie Thomas supporters seem endless on his Facebook page.  I realize that there is a bit of back-patting going on with many of his supporters because they, too, are woo-woo pushers or members of the "I'm a psychic too" group. 

A blog reader sent us links to pictures from Robbie's show in Indiana where you will see the packed house that it was (not). Reports from attendees agree that, in all, there were 14 people in attendance.

Even more exciting news is that http://www.stoprobbie.com/ made it to the local paper. I haven't seen the printed copy yet but from all accounts, it not only made the paper but was a substantial part of the front page of the paper (the VERY front page). Robbie Thomas should be proud.  (I don't have the photo editing skills that Sarnia Skeptic has so I'm going to link to his article for now.  I'll also add a link in the links section of this site.)

Our good friend SarniaSkeptic (http://sarniaskeptic.blogspot.com/) received a reference too.  To be fair, the article was spurred by his recent covering of a local group's attempt to 'fundraise' by having a psychic come to Sarnia to ruin people's true memories of their lost loved ones.

Ryan Hulshof, a local skeptic and fervent supporter of this site (and the skeptical community as a whole), was kind enough to speak with a reporter about the supposed rising tide against claimed psychics.  Unfortunately the article wasn't all that well researched as SarniaSkeptic's recent tongue in cheek "I was wrong, I am sorry" article was taken completely (intentionally maybe) out of context.

Congratulations and thank you Ryan and the rest of the skeptics in Sarnia - you are a real inspiration and a great help!

In other news, a local company has come forward to cover the domain costs for the site so the http://www.stoprobbie.com/, http://www.stoprobbiethomas.com/, http://www.stoprobbiethomas.net/ and http://www.robbiethomastours.com/ will be ours for the next 10 years!

And finally, for those who have emailed to offer assistance or to become a part of our "group", Thank You!  I will get back to each of you personally when time allows. 

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