Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Robbie Spends About $100 and Brags About It

It seems that with Robbie's inability to put together a tour or draw a crowd of more than 30 people at almost anything he does, we would have little to write about Robbie.  Maybe we're scraping the bottom of the barrel for this posting but, hey, it is about Robbie and scraping the bottom of barrels is his pastime.  Here's proof:

Robbie claims to be an author and screenwriter, he claims to work with police in solving murders and missing persons cases, he claims that he has solved a bunch of cases and he even claims that the Vatican (oh, and the US Marshals) consult him.  He makes a lot of crap up - we've already pointed that out. 

This blog entry isn't about what Robbie Thomas made up - it's about what Robbie is pushing off as some sort of validity for himself. 

On Robbie's new website ( he has recently added that he is "registered" with the Writers Guild of America, West (and he used a logo that doesn't match the one found on the Writers Guild website). 

That's wonderful, Robbie may actually have registered his scripts with the Guild - it doesn't make them good, it doesn't make them worthwhile and it isn't something that few people could do.  Anyone can register a script - shell out $20 and send them the material and you get a registration number - whoopty-f'in-doo.

For $20, I'm going to register the full contents of the Stop Robbie Thomas blog site. 

Other than being out about $100, not much has changed for Robbie. Robbie Thomas is still not psychic, he is still not consulted by the Vatican, the US Marshals don't call on him and he has still not solved a single missing persons or murder case using any claimed psychic powers.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Remember the Psychic Justice Tour? What about ParaCon 2010?

Despite the tour being over, we must remember that it didn't end as Robbie Thomas had predicted.  We know this because his poster suggested that he was doing a lengthy tour and it ended after about half a dozen shows (all with horrible numbers of attendees).

The border of his poster shows the cities that the tour was to include.  Going through them...
  1. Oakland - No Show
  2. St. Louis - No Show
  3. Minneapolis - No Show
  4. Virginia Beach - No Show
  5. Pocatello - No Show
  6. Santa Fe - No Show
  7. San Diego - No Show
  8. London - No Show
  9. San Fra(n)cisco - No Show
  10. Seattle - No Show
  11. Salt Lake - No Show
  12. Fort Wayne - < 20 attendees
  13. Sioux City - < 20 attendees
  14. Portland - No Show
  15. Houston - No Show
  16. Phoenix - No Show
  17. Sedona - No Show
  18. Ogden - No Show
  19. Tacoma - No Show
  20. Tucson - No Show
  21. Orlando - No Show
  22. Santa barbara - No Show
  23. Malibu - No Show
  24. Boston - No Show
  25. Toronto - ha ha ha ha
  26. New York - No Show
  27. Sarnia - Anthrax Attack!
  28. Louisville - ??
  29. Detroit - No Show
  30. Des Moines - No Show
  31. Chicago - No Show
  32. Denver - No Show
  33. Ft. Lauderdale - No Show
Paracon 2010
Robbie Thomas was the organizer of CanAm ParaCon 2010 - held early August at the local Quality Inn.  Since the event we have been able to confirm a number of details.
1.) There was no ghost tour held at the Lawrence House
2.) Less than 40 people (including speakers and family) were in attendance (a Quality Inn employee tells us that there MAY have been as many as 20 people in the room but an attendee says they counted 32 different people including speakers and family members)

Other Notes
Robbie Thomas is no longer advertising his Queen Mary "tour".  Interestingly, when contacted, the staff at the Queen Mary were unaware of who Robbie Thomas was and were not aware of any scheduled tours with him.

Robbie Thomas' "best selling" book has not sold any copies on Amazon which probably means that all customer reviews on other book selling sites are probably fake.

Many of the contributors to this blog have been banned from commenting on Robbie Thomas' videos on YouTube.  If you have a YouTube account, consider adding a comment to Robbie's videos and make reference to this site.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Typical Robbie Thomas

A follower of this site alerted us to an update on Robbie Thomas dot Net.  Following the "Cases" link you will find a copy of an email:
----- Original Message -----

From: Producer
To: rob thomas
Sent: Saturday, February 04, 2006 10:18 AM
Subject: 'X'Zone Radio

Dear Robbie,
Sometimes I think you are an angel...I'm sorry I didnt get your reply in time , but,....It all worked out okay .

I have wonderful news,... Coreys' mom just called and he is fine ! He was ticked off, just like you said.....he said he didn't think anyone would even notice he was gone. Thank-you for all you have done Robbie..........we so very much appreciate it.

God Bless, Laura and Rob
However, the very same "Rob" that supposedly sent Robbie that email now has Robbie listed on his: "The 'X' Zone Order of Woo Woos" ( and beside Robbie Thomas' name is the following:
Psychic who claimed 8-year-old Victoria Stafford would be found well and safe on April 13 2009 on The 'X' Zone. On Sunday July 19 2009, her lifeless body was found near Mount Forest, Ontario.
Reports suggest that Victoria Stafford was murdered within a day (or two) of the abduction (April 8, 2009).  Not only was Robbie Thomas wrong about Victoria Stafford being found well and safe - at the time he made such a claim, she had already been murdered.
Robbie Thomas is not psychic.