Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Miss the psychic justice tour? Not really.

It has been a while since we blogged about Robbie Thomas - with the disappearance of his "psychic justice tour", there hasn't been a whole lot to say.  I would like to say that I miss the psychic justice tour but that wouldn't be the truth.  Society is a better place when pseudo-psychics and liars* are not actively abusing and using innocent and trusting people.

*Robbie is both - he's claimed to have worked with the Vatican! He also claims to have solved missing persons and murder cases using his psychic powers which we are certain is a blatant lie. Oh, and he claims he has worked with the Vatican! It needs to be repeated, yes. Never mind the fact that the Vatican does not accept psychic powers - but they seem to be bedfellows with liars so that might be his connection.

In less than a couple of weeks, Robbie Thomas will be holding the 2nd annual Canam ParaCon in Point Edward (Robbie claims it is in Sarnia - but then Robbie claims a lot of things that aren't true).  His list of speakers has faced a number of revisions (Members of the http://www.stoprobbie.com/ team and a number of other people felt the need to contact many of the potential speakers to let them know a little bit about Robbie - Robbie wants publicity and we're out to give him a hand.) to the point where it is a couple of Robbie's close friends (also harmful to society) and Aron Houdini (who, we're told, may not be attending either). 

Here's the low-down as it appears on his site. The event is scheduled for August 6th and 7th - August 6th is only a "Celeb Party" where you can "meet and greet the celebrities from your favourite television shows and movies" (Unless your favourite movies and shows are ones that feature Robbie Thomas, Keith Age, David Fultz and Michael Esposito, I suspect you're going to be disappointed).  To attend the "Celeb Party", you have to purchase the "Ghost Pass Package" for $129 - which also gives you access to the August 7th conference and a ghost hunt at the Lawrence House later on the 7th (hint: there are no ghosts, the hunt will, again, be fruitless).  Otherwise you can purchase a $50 ticket for the August 7th conference only.

The "Ghost Pass Package" is limited to 50 people (it will not sell out) and we suggest it will be the biggest waste of money you could find in the area.  (You could have seen Rush - VIP - in Sarnia a couple weeks ago for only $119!  You would have also got what you paid for.)

Vendor booth prices have also dropped through the floor - the price is now only $50!  And it, too, seems to be only for one day. 

Oh, if you are a skeptic and plan on attending the ParaCon, do not purchase tickets - contact us at emailus@stoprobbie.com - you'll understand why once we hear from you :) . 

Visit his site directly at: http://canamparacon.com/

Other Robbie News
Robbie has replaced his website with one created by, I'm told, one of his children.  On the site you can book a reading for $150/half hour, $250 for an hour or have one question answered via email for $20 ($40 for 2, $60 for 3 - what a deal!).  You can also sign up for his newsletter - one year for only $29.95! 

Reassuringly, he hasn't changed his approach, though: he's still using victims of crime for the promotion of himself and his wares.  See for yourself at http://www.robbiethomas.net/.