Criminal Cases Involving Robbie Thomas

This page was going to list the cases that Robbie has solved but creating a page with a single line of text would have been pointless - especially considering that the line of text would have to be:

"This page intentionally left blank - Robbie Thomas has never solved a crime using his claimed psychic abilities."

Many pseudo-psychics will claim involvement in cases that are still before the courts or cases that are not solved - they know that police agencies and lawyers are limited in what they can say relating to these cases and, as a trusting public, we often accept positive claims when there are no dissenting views.  The dissenting views do exist for most of these cases but they are often legally restrained.

Robbie Thomas claims to be involved in a number of cases that he has not.  We are collecting documented evidence of his claims and will display them (and often facts that counter his claims).  If you have any audio recordings or video footage of Robbie Thomas speaking about his abilities, his credentials and/or his involvement in criminal cases, we would like to hear from you (  Sylvia Browne, like Robbie Thomas, has made countless wrong predictions - for more information on Sylvia Browne (and to give credit to the person who started the "stop" theme, Robert S. Lancaster) visit

Cases Robbie Thomas has been credited with solving:
  • (Robbie Thomas has not been credited with solving a single murder/missing person's case)
Cases Robbie Thomas did talk about:
  • Tori Stafford (Woodstock, Ontario, Canada)
    • Robbie Thomas claimed that Tori was still alive (more than a week after we, now, know she was murdered).
      • After being approached by more than a dozen self-styled psychics, a member of Tori's paternal family -- her aunt, Rebecca Stafford -- also met with one, on Wednesday. "The main thing is just that affirmation that she is alive and well," the aunt said of the psychic's comments.  (The psychic that she refers to is Robbie Thomas.)
  • Cezar/Caesar Cano (Louisville, Kentucky)
    • Robbie Thomas claimed that he identified the car that Cezar was abducted in
      • Cezar was not taken away in a car, he was kidnapped by a neighbour behind his house
    • Robbie Thomas drew a picture of the suspected killer
      • The picture was accurate in showing two ears, two eyes, one nose and one mouth
      • It was a non-descript drawing with one possible identifying object - a mustache.  However, the killer did not have a mustache.
    • See Sarnia Skeptic's deconstruction
  • Karen Caughlin (Sarnia, Ontario, Canada)
    • Robbie Thomas has claimed involvement in the Karen Caughlin murder case.
      • The case, to this day, remains unsolved.
      • The Caughlin family has made public statements dismissing Robbie Thomas as nothing more than a self-promoting psychic predator.
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