Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Logan Tucker Case: Not Solved by Psychics

I received an email about Robbie Thomas being on a recent "radio" show (December 15 or 16) and though I haven't had a chance to listen to the program yet (I have to put all my forks away or the "radio" show will drive me to poke my eyes out - Robbie is a consistent liar and an abuser of the English language.  Listening to his radio programs involves a re-write of the dictionary to make his statements even close to sensible - but enough with the ad hominem attack), but I followed some of the links they included in the email.

First, let me point you to further proof that Robbie Thomas is a scumbag - on the following site, Danielle Egnew advertises her upcoming (at the time) participation in the Psychic Justice Tour (which failed miserably because of supposed anthrax attacks (though I suspect the more likely reason being that he is such a horrible liar)).  The advertisement that is placed on the site is almost verbatim what Robbie had initially used when promoting his tour - so Danielle Egnew can really only be guilty of failing to even do a cursory search of Robbie's (false) claims.  Robbie Thomas continues to use and abuse already victimized families by claiming to have been involved in solving their cases - even when the cases haven't been solved.  That's what a scumbag does.

Danielle will be the featured guest speaker during the Los Angeles leg of renowned criminal Psychic Profiler Robbie Thomas' Psychic Justice Tour dedicated to the families and victims of unsolved crimes, hitting 30+ cities in two countries thus far. The Los Angeles event is tentatively scheduled for July / August of 2010, times and venue TBA.

The tour showcases Robbie Thomas, whose TV pilot "Psychic Justice" has already been shot, discussing his 18 years as a psychic criminal profiler while presenting his involvement with sensitive high profile cases such as Victoria Stafford (Woodstock, ON), Elisha McMaster (Toronto, ON), Cesar Ivan Aguilar-Cano (Louisville, KY) , Logan Tucker (Oklahoma City, Ok) Natalie Holloway (Birmingham, AL), Karen Caughlin (Sarnia, Ontario), Marc Campbell (Sarnia, Ontario) and many others.

I suspect that I needn't point out that the Natalee Holloway case has not been solved (notice the misspelling - I suspect it is to limit people finding out that he is abusing her name but it could simply be that Robbie is that stupid.)  But, for those that don't know, the Elisha McMaster case is not solved (Elisha's mother, Jane, is still searching for help and, unfortunately, from other 'psychics'), the Karen Caughlin case is not solved (follow the link above for more information) and the Logan Tucker case is one that was not solved by Robbie Thomas.

The Logan Tucker story is available online and it clearly does not involve a psychic solving the crime.  Other psychics who attempted to get involved were outed as failures (see Oklahoma is not "OK" for psychic) and as the body of the missing boy has still not been found, Robbie is obviously lying about his involvement in the case.

The Marc Campbell story will be for another entry - but, rest assured, Robbie Thomas did not solve the crime and definitely didn't do so with his so-called psychic powers.

Robbie Thomas is a liar and a fraud - these are not merely opinions but statements of fact.  We've made these claims for a number of years and if they were not true, they would be actionable.  As always, if Robbie Thomas wishes to sue me, I will happily identify myself to his lawyers and I would be overjoyed to expose his lies, further, in a court of law. 

Monday, October 24, 2011

The Only Ones Who Didn't See it Coming? The Psychics

Simple questions can show the absurdity of psychic claims.  Why are there still missing children? Why are there unsolved crimes?  Why do you never see "Psychic wins lottery"?  And, added to the list, If everyone else figured that Robbie Thomas' 'Paranormal Convention' was going to fail, why couldn't the 'Psychic' himself, see it coming?

Robbie Thomas (who is clearly not psychic) had scheduled his "Can-Am Parafest" for this coming weekend but, as we all suspected, it has been canceled.  This is the third time that Robbie Thomas (who is not psychic) had attempted to put on a "convention" or "fest" and the first two had such dismal numbers that when SarniaSkeptic attended he increased (by percentage) the number of attendees by double digits. 

Sadly, for believers, self-styled Psychic Robbie Thomas will continue on pretending like he has never had a failure and encourage people to hand over their hard-earned money for some lame party tricks and false hope. 

In more than 18 years, Robbie Thomas has never solved a crime using his claimed 'psychic' powers because Robbie Thomas, like everyone else, is not 'psychic'.  In the words of Tim Minchin, Robbie Thomas is either lying or he's mentally ill.  So, if you meet Robbie Thomas and you think he's sincere - the latter might just be the only possibility.

Image via SarniaSkeptic:

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Psychics Don't Exist: Another One Exposed

Psychic Sally Morgan hears voices from the other side (via a hidden earpiece)

Evidence 'Britain's best-loved psychic' Sally Morgan may not be all she seems is unlikely to deter her fans, writes Chris French

According to her website, Sally Morgan is "Britain's best-loved psychic". She is certainly a very successful psychic – she has just released her third book and is currently filming the third series of Psychic Sally on the Road for Sky LIVING. But an incident that took place a few days ago may cause a few of her fans to wonder whether Morgan is deserving of their adoration. Could it be that, like so many self-professed psychic superstars in the past, Morgan is nothing more than a self-serving con artist?

Let me describe what happened so that you can make up your own mind. On Monday 12 September, a caller named Sue phoned the Liveline show on RTÉ Radio 1, an Irish radio station. Sue said that she had attended Morgan's show the previous night at the Grand Canal Theatre in Dublin and had been impressed by the accuracy of the readings she made in the first half of the show.

But then something odd happened. Sue was sitting in the back row on the fourth level of the theatre and there was a small room behind her ("like a projection room") with a window open. Sue and her companions became aware of a man's voice and "everything that the man was saying, the psychic was saying it 10 seconds later."

Sue believes, not unreasonably, that the man was feeding information to Sally through an earpiece attached to her microphone. For example, the voice would say something like "David, pain in the back, passed quickly" and a few seconds later Sally would claim to have the spirit of a "David" on stage who – you'll never guess – suffered from back pain and passed quickly.

A member of staff realised that several people near the back of the theatre were aware of the mystery voice and the window was gently closed. The voice was not heard again.

Continue Reading @ The Guardian...

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Media Advisory: 1974 Unsolved Homicide - 14-year old Karen Caughlin

From: Caughlin Family
Date: May 31, 2011 10:00 AM
Location: Holiday Inn, Point Edward, Ontario (East Hall)

Victim's Family to Request for OPP Commissioner Chris Lewis to Order an External Review of the OPP's Criminal Investigation into the Unsolved Homicide of Karen Caughlin

(Pt. Edward, ON) The Caughlin family will hold a press conference to discuss and seek public support for an external independent review of their sister’s 37- year unsolved homicide under the jurisdiction of the Ontario Provincial Police.

Bob Sauve, father of homicide victim Kim Sauve (1983), will be in attendance. Convicted killer, Richard Boudreau, remains part of both families’ unease.

The Caughlin family will bring forward new information related to Karen’s whereabouts prior to her murder. They are seeking support for an independent review of Karen’s investigation in the interest of truth and justice.

Contact Information: Kathy Caughlin:

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Unsolved crimes are about to be a thing of the past.. not quite

We've blogged regularly about Robbie Thomas falsely claiming to support charities and non-profit organizations but this one is a little different.  Robbie actually has found a person who will allow him to use her non-profit organization to suggest legitimacy of his con game.

Jennifer Romero is the founder of an organization called "Mothers of Murdered Youth" and is the mother of a murder victim.  Her 13 year old child was killed in a drive-by shooting.  My heart goes out to her.  This site is about protecting victims from further abuse by psychics - not about faulting people who accept the assistance of the liars and cheats.  We can completely understand why it is that families of lost loved ones will reach out for help - any kind of help.  For some, hope, it seems, is all they have.  Many families feel that not enough is being done to solve their cases and accept any offers of help. 

The problem here is that Jennifer is not about to get help.  She is about to be (and currently is being) abused.  Robbie Thomas is not psychic and has absolutely no legitimate skills that will provide any relevant information that may assist in solving crimes. 

If Robbie Thomas was truly a "supporter" of Mothers of Murdered Youth and he can solve crimes, why doesn't he simply solve the crimes?  That'd be real support.  He can't - that's why he doesn't.  He isn't psychic - he's lying.

And, doesn't it seem odd that Robbie Thomas of Sarnia, Ontario would be supporting a small-time non-profit in Colorado and not a local organization?  It isn't odd when you consider that Robbie's previous attempts to abuse (err... use) local groups, to provide himself an appearance of legitimacy, has resulted in emails and letters demanding that he remove their names and logos from his site.  Legitimate organizations distance themselves from outright liars and frauds or they stop being legitimate organizations.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

SarniaSkeptic: Of Course Psychics Aren't Self Serving

As some of you may be aware, SarniaSkeptic is a regular contributor to the site.  He was one of the driving forces that lead to the creation of this site.  Recently he posted an entry that I think is fitting for the site (but since he didn't crosspost it, I'm not going to copy it here and add a few other links) - take a look at:

SarniaSkeptic: Of course psychics aren't self serving, that's why I love them

It is important to remember that Robbie Thomas isn't the only 'psychic' who purports to have abilities that can be used to solve crimes and other miraculous things - he's not even the only one in Sarnia.  In Sarnia, they are lucky to have another 'psychic' that has preyed on families that have been victimized by violent crimes.  Darin James (Darin Scheiding) ( / is another non-psychic that needs to adjust his ways.

Other entries that SarniaSkeptic has written about Darin James in the past:

Darin James Gets Guestbook Posts
Darin James Revisited
The Gifts, Energy & The Universal Subconscious Highway

And the other 'psychic' listed in the first link, is Mary Demitro/Mary Young

Another Sarnia Disgrace - Mary Young/Mary Demitro

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Robbie Thomas is about to be $2000 richer

If you believe that Robbie Thomas has psychic powers, the title of this blog just has to be true. Remember that case that Robbie Thomas advertised at all his shows, spoke about on all the radio programs and featured in a number of his newspaper interviews? The one that many people suspected was solved - after all why would he be bragging about solving crimes with psychic powers and be featuring a case that he didn't solve? Yes, the Karen Caughlin case.

Suppose you believe psychic powers exist.
Suppose you believe that psychics can solve missing persons and murder cases.
Suppose that you believe Robbie Thomas' claims that he is successful in his supposed business of psychic criminal profiling.
Now, explain to me why a psychic who is supposedly successful would pick and promote, as his primary example of his skills, a case that is still not solved.

In case you haven't seen it, the Caughlin family has spoken out about Robbie's abuses and lies. The link also has some images showing Robbie's countless claims of involvement in the case.

Robbie Thomas is a liar and he is not psychic. His actions towards the Caughlin family and others shows that he is also a heartless asshole - and I say that with more respect than he is due.

Send email an email to and ask him what he's going to do with the $2,000. Let him know that we sent you. You might, also, want to ask him what happened to the CrimeStoppers logos on his websites (Hint: He lied about being a sponsor of two different CrimeStoppers organizations and he was required to remove their logos. His rewording on his site is his attempt to pretend that he isn't the big lying piece of shit that we know him to be.)

Friday, March 4, 2011

Inside Edition Investigates Psychic Detectives

You don't want to miss this video/story!

John and JoAnn Lowitzer have been searching for their 17-year-old daughter Alexandria (Ali) since she vanished in April, 2010.

But when the case made national news, the Houston parents say they became inundated with calls from so-called psychic detectives. They say some even showed up at their front door promising their psychic visions could help bring their daughter home.

"He guaranteed me that he'd find Ali in three days. I mean what parent wouldn't be excited to hear that you were going to have your daughter home in three days?" said JoAnn.

Mark Klaas, whose daughter Polly was abducted and killed more than 20 years ago, warns families to avoid psychics, saying they prey on the desperate and send police on one wild goose chase after another.

"They descend like vultures," he told INSIDE EDITION. "Never in the history of the world has a psychic solved a missing child case. Never."

But countless psychic crime fighters like Portland, Oregon clairvoyant Laurie McQuary claim they've helped solve hundreds of missing person cases.

McQuary says she has been in the psychic detective business for over 30 years.

See the video and read more.

Hat tip to RealityinSarnia.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Welcome to

On this site you will find a number of blog entries that speak about claimed psychics, the harm they do and the lies they tell.  The links section will send you to sites that speak about police and 'psychics', missing children organizations and a number of other relevant items.  For many of the "bloggers" on this site, Robbie Thomas is a local/homegrown non-psychic and, for that reason, this blog does have a lot of information specifically about Robbie Poulton/Robbie Thomas and the harm that he does.

We encourage you to read through the blog entries (scroll down and use the menu on the right hand side), check out the links and learn more about 'psychics' and Robbie Thomas.  For starters, here are some things that you might be interested in:
  • Imagine being told your child is still alive after they are brutally murdered: Robbie (Poulton) Thomas tells Tori Stafford's family that their abducted little girl is alive and will return home safely (on April 13, 2009).  Her body is recovered July 19, 2009 and we now know that she was murdered 5 days before Robbie told the family she was still alive. (More...)
  • Making blatantly false claims and then suggesting the police are incompetent: On December 7, 2007, John Ramses (who has since ditched and exposed Robbie) put out a "press release" that states: "medium Robbie Thomas is asking why Caesar Aguilar-Cano was left to die by the hands of a known child abuser after Thomas had provided accurate details to police and news networks as to Cano's whereabouts only two days after the child went missing."  These claims are false - Robbie Thomas did not provide accurate information (discussed here) and the suggestion that the police failed to act is an absurd and abhorrent one. 
  • What if someone promised to you that your pain would soon end only to have that very person use and abuse you? In June of 2005, Robbie Thomas tells the family of a local murder victim that their case would be solved within 6 months.  The case, to this day, remains unsolved.  The family has spoken out about Robbie Thomas.  If that wasn't enough, he made disparaging remarks about the family on a radio program and has used pictures and information relating to their murdered sister/family member to promote himself.
  • A family suffers a devastating loss and someone enters the picture to make it even worse: A family loses 10 family members to what is clearly ruled as an accidental house fire from the ash of a cigarette but, when Robbie visits, he tells the family that it was not an accident and that it was intentionally set.  (If that were the case, the presence of an accelerant would have been noticed by the investigation.  Robbie is simply making things up and ruining a family as a result.)
  • Robbie has claimed involvement in the Natalee Holloway case (still not solved).
  • Robbie has claimed involvement in the Casey/Caylee Anthony case (was not solved by any 'psychic').
  • 100% failure rate: Robbie Thomas claims that he has been involved in "Psychic Criminal Profiling" for 20+ years.  To this date, he has solved 0 cases using his claimed psychic powers.
There are thousands of unsolved missing persons and murder cases.  Psychics clearly don't exist or this would not be the case.  Robbie Thomas is not psychic (nobody is) and any claims otherwise are either lies whether the person making the claim believes it or not.  The harm that is being done by 'psychics' is real and this site is our small attempt at trying to protect innocent victims from being re-victimized by 'psychics' - this is especially important because it is at times when they are most vulnerable and open to abuse.

Blog entries on this site that we think you shouldn't miss:

Links about 'psychics' and missing persons/murder cases and the police:

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Robert Lancaster of Stop Sylvia Browne ( gets radio show

Here is the announcement from Robert's wife, Susan:
Hi there Everybody.

Robert has reached a new phase of his work as a 'skeptic.' Since about 2001, he has been joining message boards and chat rooms online which support various aspects of the paranormal in an attempt to discover what makes a 'believer' believe. He has been 'bridging the gap' between belief and skepticism with kindness and respect, which has earned him the trust of many believers, even though they know he doesn't agree with them. Some have dubbed him 'the nice skeptic' or 'the respectful skeptic.' He found an online radio station called Para-X and has ingratiated himself into their community of psychics, ghost hunters and the like. He has been interviewed on a few shows on the station in the last several weeks. Due to his winning style of discussion, he has been given a time slot on the station - a station devoted to the paranormal - in which to do a show about his skepticism on various paranormal topics. It's called The Resident Skeptic, and it airs on Saturdays at 7pm Eastern time, which is 4pm Pacific, for one hour, beginning March 5th, 2011.

Click on the link below to listen to the show, or whatever show is on at the time of your visit. When the page and chat room load, scroll down the list on the left side of the page and click on the link Resident Skeptic to see the info page about the show. (

The owner of the station, and guy who gave Robert the time slot, said he thought the show would become enough of a hit that it may even get picked up by their 'parent' station, CBS Radio. That remains to be seen. But this is indeed a new phase of his outreach efforts to find common ground with believers for the purpose of discussions about the paranormal. Hope you have the chance to give a listen.

Much love, Susan
For those who aren't familiar, R.S. Lancaster is the creator of (and - the site that inspired  We are excited about his new show and hope that it brings the skeptical message to a wider audience (he's bringing it to their doorstep by being a part of

Congratulations Robert!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Robbie Thomas on Internet radio show - tonight

If you can, comment on the site or call in to the radio show. Heck, do both. Robbie wants the attention!


Well, the chat went as well as expected. I was kicked out for posting a link to this site and then asking if we were allowed to ask questions about Robbie. So I logged back in :)

It was nice to see a couple other skeptics there. If you think Robbie is an idiot, well, let me assure you that he was in good company on that show! They didn't even research their guest in advance (asked where in the US he's from) or put together sensible questions. He claims to be an author and psychic criminal profiler but no questions about either of those things.

He talked about a bunch of bull, as usual, and tried his best to string together words that he has never looked up. He did claim that there was a UFO in Sarnia a few months ago but it was identified (in advance) - it was a 'spy' balloon put up for demonstration.

And for those who haven't seen it yet, we have a new banner to use for linking to our site:

Friday, February 18, 2011

Robbie Thomas: Old Predictions Still Wrong

Take a look at this link we just received from a follower of the blog:

Psychic story questioned

Posted 3 years ago

Sir: Re: The article "Putting killers behind bars" (The Observer, Dec. 31, 2007)

I see that local, self-described psychic Robbie Thomas has again been allowed free advertising in your paper. With the exception of two paragraphs, this article becomes nothing more.

In these paragraphs, Mr. Thomas claims he provided Louisville, Ky., police with key information regarding the abduction, on June 29, 2007, of a four-year-old boy, with no result given. Together, with the headline of this article, the implication seems to be that his tip led to solving the case, but a visit to his website further elaborates to show his disappointment with police for not investigating his information. (The boy's body was discovered by trash collectors on July 6 and a suspect was arrested on Dec. 6.)

I don't see any evidence of his assistance in solving the case.

He may well possess the powers he claims, but perhaps he could publish some verifiable details of cases that he has helped solve, as inferred by the headline.

Mr. Thomas also states in the article that his predictions "have never been proven wrong," yet in an article from June 1, 2005, regarding his investigation of the (still) unsolved Karen Caughlin murder, he predicts "the case will come to a close in six months."

Could it be that some "psychics" are using well-documented methods to take advantage of people at their most vulnerable? Does a fee of $200 per half hour sound reasonable? Caveat emptor.
It has been almost 6 years since Robbie Thomas claimed that a case would be closed within six months (see what the Caughlin family has to say about Robbie Thomas). The case, still, remains open and unsolved. The other case that this letter writer was referring to was that of Cezar Cano.

For those who've read this blog for a while, this will come as no surprise to you. Robbie Thomas is not psychic - just a liar and a huckster.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Psychics and the harm

With recent advertisements for, I think it is important that we explain a little bit about the movement and why it matters. 

We have good reason to deny and no good reason to accept the existence of psychic (paranormal) phenomenon (and there have been many attempts to prove the existence of psychic abilities).  The James Randi Educational Foundation offers $1,000,000.00 to anyone who can show the existence of paranormal abilities.  The prize has been offered for many years and not a single person has been able to do so.

With that out of the way, Robbie Thomas is not psychic and nobody has ever been able to prove that they have psychic powers.  No crimes have been solved by 'psychics' using this claimed psychic power.  Those are facts.

Robbie Thomas Specifically

Robbie (Poulton) Thomas is a local (Sarnia) self-styled 'psychic' who has appeared in local papers, on local radio and in local magazines.  He has focused on a number of different 'titles', as it were, throughout the years.  Most recently he has been claiming that, for the past 20 years, he is a 'Psychic Criminal Profiler'.  We have addressed that title before (Criminal Profiling is fairly useless and does not point to a specific person, does not get used in court and is never credited with solving a crime.  'Psychics' are completely useless, have never solved a criminal case and are not admissible in court.  Add the two together and you get Robbie Thomas nothing of value.) so I won't go any further than to say that though Robbie has only recently begun to claim the title, he suggests that he has been doing it 'successfully' for 20 years.

In 20 years, Robbie (Poulton) Thomas has never solved a missing persons or murder case with his claimed 'psychic' powers.  We don't consider that to be 'successful' and feel that his activities and claims might be considered fraudulent and misleading.  It has definitely enabled Robbie to prey on unsuspecting and desperate people who have lost loved ones to horrendous crimes.  'Prey?' you ask? Let us explain...

Robbie (Poulton) Thomas has, for quite some time, claimed involvement in a local murder case that, to this day, remains unsolved.  When we started to blog about Robbie Thomas (SarniaSkeptic, one of the contributors to this site was the one blogging about him), the family of the murder victim was speaking out against Robbie.  He, obviously, had not solved the crime at that time and has not done so since.  The problem, we encountered, was that people that he was 'preying' on were under the impression that he had solved the case.  A number of people had come forward to inform us that they thought because of the way Robbie spoke the Police were given the evidence by Robbie and the crime was solved.  This was not only a lie but it actually distracted people from the reality.

Looking further into Robbie (Poulton) Thomas we realized that he has done this in a number of cases.  He has lied to families, destroyed their real memories, replaced them with false memories and he has created false hope that would ultimately be shown to be completely without merit.  Hard to believe? Consider this...

An Ontario schoolgirl, Victoria Stafford, goes missing on April 8, 2009.  Later that day, the kidnappers buy garbage bags and other items at a Home Depot store in Guelph and then discard the brutally murdered girl's body.  On April 13, Robbie discloses to Victoria's aunt (and to X-Zone Radio - search for Robbie Thomas) that Victoria was still alive and would be returned home alive.  What sane person would accept what Robbie (Poulton) Thomas is doing as humane, ethical and moral?  He is intentionally misleading people.  (See the sidebar of this site for links about Robbie Thomas for more information.)

Psychics in General

Though I mentioned this above, psychics almost certainly do not exist.  Robbie Thomas, John Edward, and Sylvia Browne are not psychic.  If they were, they'd sue me and/or collect the million dollars from James Randi.  The issue that we have with psychics is that they are not what they claim to be.  Except where required by law (and in a position where it can be proven or they are likely not to be exposed) psychics do not make the necessary and obvious statement that it is 'for entertainment only'.  It isn't entertainment, it is serious business that has serious risks for those who are taken in by it.

We have all lost people who are close to us and we cherish the memories of those people.  Members of this site are actively trying to stop 'psychics' from abusing, destroying and desecrating those real and true memories.  Psychics do this on a regular basis - and that's not entertaining - that's an outrageous mistreatment of people. 

This is a serious topic - your lost loved ones don't deserve to be taken advantage of by some scam artists doing parlour tricks.  We shouldn't be allowing people like this to ruin all that is left of those who we have loved but have since died.

Psychics know why most people go to them - they are interested in questions about the future where they relate to love, money and health.  They perform cold readings - making generalized guesses and statements (often contradictory ones) knowing that you so want to believe in them.  One partial 'hit' will make any believer forget about the dozen or so misses.  We encourage people to send us tapes of their readings and we'll go through them to help people see the 'truth'.  (If you are going to a 'psychic', get a copy of the reading on tape.  After the reading, write down everything you remember about the 'psychic' reading in the order you remember it being told to you - and be specific.  Wait a week, don't re-visit your original list.  Re-write the list, in the order you remember it, of everything that was said.  Compare the two lists and then listen to the tape again.  You'll see how easily you are mislead by your own memory and willingness/desire to believe.)

Though trivial, have you ever considered: If the 'psychic' could really predict something, why do they buy life insurance?  Why do they have Call Display or Caller ID on their phones?  Why would they ever need to call an ambulance?  How could they ever be late for a meeting or an appointment?  Why would their businesses have 'Open' and 'Closed' signs?  Couldn't they predict all of that?  Why would they ever organize a North American Tour if it was going to be a flopWhy can't they figure out who actually runs this blog?

Do Police Listen to Psychics?

The short answer is, 'Yes'.  The long answer is a bit more than that. The Police do take evidence from 'psychics' - they have to.  It is possible that a 'psychic' is actually providing useful information - they may have come about it from another means, it can't be automatically assumed that they got it from their supposed 'psychic' powers.  Police accept and follow-up on tips from everyone and that is where it becomes a tough issue.

If police didn't follow-up on leads and the leads could have potentially solved the crime or prevented another crime, they would be chastised/reprimanded for it and trust in their services would be eroded.  That does not give credibility to the claims of 'psychics' 'working' with Police.  The 'psychics' are taking advantage of an established and necessary system and, for the most part, are wasting valuable resources and time.  The tips often send Police on wild goose chases, take focus off of other potential leads and can be a distraction from the task at hand.  Psychics have never solved a crime using such powers and are abusing the public trust as well as wasting your money (and mine!).
What are we doing and why?

As part of the skeptical movement, it is our goal to expose 'psychics' for what they are - liars and frauds.  We don't think that it is alright for people to be conned out of their money, we don't think it is acceptable for people to have their memories destroyed by scam artists and we don't think that society should accept the continued abuse and revictimization of people who have lost loved ones to horrific crimes.

There is real harm in what 'psychics' do.  Sylvia Browne and Robbie Thomas have wrongly claimed that people were still alive when they were actually already dead.  Psychics are wasting resources of police services, are abusing the trust of trusting people and destroying trust in things that actually work.

We all need to stand up against liars and frauds.  We all need to protect the vulnerable and we all need to take a stand against the abuse.  The next time someone mentions 'psychics', let them know what it really is - bullshit!

In the first episode of Bullshit! on Showtime, Penn Jillette (Penn & Teller) says the following after watching a 'psychic' reveal information that a man's mom was supposedly providing from 'the other side':

Before we bust up this party- and god dammit we're gonna bust it up- we have to make it very clear where our hearts are. We have nothing but empathy for the people who are experiencing the loss and grief of the death of a loved one. That guy who lost his mom rips my heart out. I'm a momma's boy whose mom died a couple of years ago, and I'll never get over it, and my dad died at around the same time, and I was very close to both of them. I loved them so much there isn't a moment that goes by that I don't miss them. Houdini didn't really go nuts busting these mediums until he lost his mom. Once you've felt that pure grief, seeing it exploited can take away your sense of humor. Once a loved one has died, all we have is our memories of them. There is nothing more precious to me than my memories of my mom and dad. We don't give a rat's ass about the money these bastards are taking from the grief stricken; what we do care about deeply is the desecration of memories. These "performance artists" are, in a very real sense, mother-fuckers. That poor guy's grieving memories of his mother are now all fucked up by somebody else's images. All he will ever have left of his mom are memories, and this pig has pissed on those for a buck and a little un-earned fame. I'm sure these lame fucks tell themselves that they're easing the grief, but skits for money can not replace loving memories. How low do you have to be to exploit someone's true grief to sell some bullshit book?

and later in the show...
One of the weird things Houdini discovered is that some of these mediums actually slip into believing their own bullshit. They forget their own misses, or as John Edward, the Biggest Douche in the Universe, does, rewrite them as hits that we're just not able to recognize. Cold reading can be done accidentally. That doesn't mean the psychic is a better person. Lying to themselves does not make lying to others OK. It can make intellectually lazy scumbags more convincing and dangerous. But even if these fucks know they're just making this shit up and pushing people's buttons, they tell themselves, "At least I'm comforting the bereaved." Who the fuck are they to decide that lying about the universe and a dead loved one is what the bereaved needs!? That's condescending bullshit!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

He's at it again - claiming to support another unsuspecting charity/non-profit

Update (Feb 27, 2011):
Robbie Thomas, I suspect, was contacted by the Northern Ontario CrimeStoppers organization to have their logo taken off of his site (See below for more info). Win!

Robbie Thomas has, in the past, used logos and names from non-profit organizations and charities to suggest that the monies that he collects are going to a good cause. That may be the case - the money might be going to these charities - but what he is implying is much more.

In the past he has used organizations like "Child Find Canada" and "National Center for Missing and Exploited Children" and a number of other organizations. Generally Robbie has been notified by them that they do not support psychics and request (demand?) that he remove their logos from his site.

At other times, Robbie has either made up or mis-identified the charity that he is supporting (ie. Childhood Diabetes Association). Though we can only speculate why he would so clearly fail to identify an actual charity, I would guess that he was just making stuff up like he often does. Either that, or he was afraid that the people here (at would actually contact the organizations and let them know what Robbie is claiming.

A few days ago, Robbie Thomas (is not psychic) put up "Breaking News" on his site that stated his paranormal convention was Proud Sponsors of .. and had a copy of our local Crime Stoppers logo. The crew here notified our local Crime Stoppers Coordinator and, today, the logo has been replaced with another (but not local) Crime Stoppers logo. This time from an organization based in Northern Ontario and Northern Minnesota. See it for yourself at

Does it make sense that a local resident, Robbie Poulton, would organize a local event (that changes names yearly because it has flopped consistently so far?) and then send the money to a non-local organization many hours away? Maybe it does to someone who lies, regularly, about his involvement with Police. Robbie Thomas (Poulton) has NEVER solved a crime using psychic abilities and he claims he has been doing it for 20 years.

If you know anyone at ( and are listed as contacts on the site), please let them know that Robbie Thomas is using their logo (and name) and implying that he sponsors their organization.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Another dream crushed

Luckily the dream wasn't that of an unsuspecting person who turned to a psychic for help - this time it was Robbie Thomas proving that he's not psychic. 

A few weeks ago I had posted some information about what Robbie Thomas (and friends) are up to these days.

There was a promising (ha) project in the works - "Paranormal Dream Team Tackles Triangles".  It was created by some guy who claims to have invented an "EMF Typewriter" (It is as stupid as it sounds, yes) and featured himself, Robbie Thomas (the one that claims to be psychic but isn't) and "Leading EVP Researcher Specialist" (really? that's his title? Researcher Specialist?), Michael Esposito.  (Sadly, I considered Michael Esposito to be a close friend and fairly respectable.  His connection with Robbie Thomas has brought myself and a number of other people to "the other side".  Wake up Michael, you're better than this.)

The "Paranormal Dream Team" page states this in the "About This Project" section:
Leaders in their field, this team of experts will explain the unexplainable and have fun doing it. Often putting their lives on the line to get scientific proof of the the existence of the paranormal, these explorers will bring you the latest in scientific evidence from around the world.

For their first expedition, they will travel 20,000 miles to bring you proof of the existence of extraterrestrials and UFOs.
The project, on Kickstarter, was seeking $20,000 in funding for the project to get off the ground but, shortly after Sarnia Skeptic posted the following comment on the site, the project was canceled by the creator.
Is this the same Robbie Thomas as featured on

A double strike against our "Paranormal Dream Team".  I guess they failed to predict that it would be a massive failure.  Not even a single dollar was contributed (Sarnia Skeptic told me that he had planned on donating $1 to it but when he returned today, it was canceled).

Robbie Thomas is not psychic, has never solved a missing persons or murder case using his claimed psychic powers and, until he produces evidence to the contrary, any claims that he has should be considered lies. 

Thursday, January 27, 2011

2010 Comes and Goes and Robbie Thomas Solves 0 Cases

Robbie Thomas is not psychic so, for most of us, it comes as no surprise that he has not solved a single case (using his claimed psychic powers) in 2010.  Mind you, he has never solved a case using psychic powers.  Robbie Thomas would claim that he has been doing this for 20 years but he has yet to provide a shred of evidence to support his claims that he has helped solve crimes.

We have covered this before but I think it needs to be pointed out.  "Psychic" Robbie Thomas has a "Cases" page on his website that lists cases that he claims to have been involved in.  Some cases that he refers to are still, to this day, unsolved (one would have to assume that any help he provided didn't result in solving the case and would not support his claims).  Other cases are years old - not a single one from 2010. 

The two most recent cases (Cesar Cano and Tory Stafford) that were solved did not involve Robbie Thomas working with the Police.  Neither of the forces have given any credit to Robbie Thomas (or any psychic for that matter) and that is simply because Robbie Thomas is lying about being a psychic.

This site was setup to stop the abuse of people who are already the victims of horrendous crimes.  "Psychics" preying on desperate families is disgusting and deplorable.  If you have lost a loved one to a kidnapping or a murder, we encourage you to avoid "psychics" and the pain, suffering and abuse that will come with it.

KlassKids Foundation and Project Jason have had dealings with "psychics" and have issued stern warnings about them. 

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I can't wait - a new "movie" by the not psychic Robbie Thomas

This could be breaking news - Robbie Thomas is setting up a new webpage for a "movie" called "Death Walk". 

I think the tagline for the movie is "If you can't find a lighter, here's another way to burn your money - buy this movie".  At least he's honest (he's not).

Here's the poster for the movie:
And, just for you, a link to the new website (still being worked on?) -

(I really like that he has a "Robbie Thomas Films", a "Robbie Thomas Offices" and also his wife is associate director and the cast are the same old same old.  I searched for Jessica Lynn (I would not suggest it - the results are not safe for work) and "Gate Productions" but couldn't find anything that seemed relevant.  "Gate Productions" has a credit (1 of 4 production companies involved) in "The Gate" (1987) but I could not locate a website.  "The Gate" was taped in Kleinberg, Ontario)

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

For some reason I don't think they meant it to be funny

A "friend" of recently sent us some "updates" on Robbie Thomas.

EMF Typewriter
First of all, Robbie Thomas is involved in a new venture - EMF Typewriters (and here) (I'm not kidding!).  Some quotes from the linked sites:
The EMF Typewriter is the only device capable of proving, that’s right, proving the existence of ghosts. Watch ghosts type messages on a computer screen.
A limited edition of 100 history making devices are being produced. A certificate of authenticity, signed by the inventor Don Hutcheson, comes with each device sold.
Robbie is my test lead for the EMF typewriter. Imagine that the ghosts cannot read a computer screen? How am I going to get that feedback to improve the product? Well the only solution is to have a psychic as your test lead. Robbie Thomas is my psychic test lead.
I realized that Robbie’s particular expertise in talking to ghosts was a skill I needed to help me complete my invention. So, I called Robbie. What a nice guy! He said, “Sure. I’d like to help!” A couple of days later, he called me back to ask if I’d be his chief scientist on a TV show idea he was pitching. WOW! Too much fun!

I'm pretty certain the site is meant to be serious but I can't help but giggle.  Really? An EMF-Typewriter? And "proving the existence of ghosts"?  Come on Robbie, we thought you had standards!  (No we didn't - you've done worse.)

Paranormal Dream Team
On that same page is a link to "Kickstarter" - a website designed around getting contributions to back a project - with information on Robbie's newest project: "Paranormal Dream Team". (I like how the slogan is "Wrestling with the Unknown" but the graphic is 4 people participating in a tug-o-war.)
Leaders in their field, this team of experts will explain the unexplainable and have fun doing it. Often putting their lives on the line to get scientific proof of the the existence of the paranormal, these explorers will bring you the latest in scientific evidence from around the world.

For their first expedition, they will travel 20,000 miles to bring you proof of the existence of extraterrestrials and UFOs.

It is the first of a series for the Paranormal Dream Team(sm). The Paranormal Dream Team is a collection of eclectic paranormal experts brought together to investigate the weird and wonderful.

-Michael Esposito (Leading EVP Researcher Specialist)
-Robbie Thomas (Leadings Psychic Communicator/Investigator)
-Don Hutcheson (Leading Scientific Studies/Researcher) inventor of the EMF Typewriter

Members of this team have led successful projects including: Sallie House & Dead Whisper.
By "leaders in their field", I suspect they're referring to the field of "abusing already victimized people".  If there was a field of toothfairyology, they might be considered experts.

For their project to get off the ground they need at least $20,000.  Today they have raised a total of (rounding up) $0.00.  I can't understand it - with such great incentives, how come more people aren't jumping on the bandwagon?  Here is the scale of "benefits" as I seem them:

Pledge $1 or more:  Get minor recognition that you're associated with stupidity. ("Contributor Credit in Film")

Pledge $5 or more:  They'll call you and give you a one minute (seriously) update on their abuse of your money and recognition that you supported stupidity. ("A 1 minute update call from a Paranormal Dream Team expert while on investigation and a contributor credit in film.")

Pledge $15 or more:  You get to talk back to them (as long as the conversation fits in 5 minutes) when they call you to prove to you that they're wasting your money as best as they can and recognition that you easily throw your money away ("A 5 minute two way *LIVE* update call from a Paranormal Dream Team expert while on investigation and a contributor credit on film.")

Pledge $45 or more:  They won't bother you with a phone call but they'll give you more credit for admitting that you associate with stupid and a t-shirt so you can show your friends that you're that dumb. ("A Paranormal Dream Team T-Shirt and Silver contributor credit on film.")

Pledge $100 or more:  Your name in bigger and bolder font in the credits of a movie/show that nobody will watch and a frickin' "I'm stupid" t-shirt. ("A Paranormal Dream Team T-Shirt and Gold contributor credit on film.")

Pledge $500 or more:  The same big and bold display of your name as the $100 donation but you also get dinner with Robbie Thomas and the best part is you won't be able to keep your dinner down because Robbie will make you puke when he gives you his fake psychic reading. ("Dinner with Robbie Thomas in Detroit, a psychic reading and Gold contributor credit on film.")

Pledge $5000 or more:  They'll guarantee that the world will learn that you are 1.) stupid, 2.) easily separated from your money and 3.) more gullible than someone who accepts homeopathy.  You'll get to have dinner with the whole team so one of them will hold the vomit bag while your dinner is brought up from listening to Robbie give you a fake psychic reading.  You're really going to want this - have your name listed as Executive Producer because every kid dreams to be associated with a train wreck. ("Executive Producer film credit, a fabulous dinner with the Paranormal Dream Team in Chicago and a psychic reading by Robbie Thomas.")

Thanks for the laughs, Robbie.