Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Help Remind Robbie That We're Not Going Away

Robbie has a number of YouTube videos that he has blocked me (and other contributors to this site) from commenting on.  Could you do us a favour and let him know that we're not giving up? 

I tried posting on this video but, as you can see, I'm blocked from doing so. (I'll have to upload the image later - it is giving a server error when I attempt to add a picture.)

My comment was:  Robbie Thomas claims to have solved the Victoria Stafford case - though, almost a week after she had been brutally murdered, he did tell the family she was still alive and would return home alive and well.  Court documents were just released and Robbie was NOT involved in solving the crime.  The baseline killers case is no different.  Robbie is a liar and a fraud.

Here are other videos that could use some attention:

The other 9 videos that Robbie has posted he has done so with comments disabled.

As the previous posting suggests, you can also email Robbie @

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Hold your false look of surprise: Robbie lied

Well, the publication ban has been lifted on the Tori Stafford case and, as suspected, Robbie Thomas was NOT involved in solving that crime (he has never solved a crime using his claimed psychic abilities).

Details also show that, not only was Robbie not involved in solving the crime, he (as mentioned here and on my other blog actually told the family that Tori was alive and would be found alive and well - about a week after she was brutally murdered.

April 8 - Tori goes missing. (Abducted)
April 8 - Abductors buy garbage bags and a hammer.
April 8 - Lifeless body is disposed of.
April 13 - Robbie Thomas claims (on X-Zone radio) that Tori Stafford would be found alive and safe. (He also told the family this as was reported in the London Free Press and other websites)

I will make a prediction now.  Robbie Thomas' solved cases counter will not change in the next 9 years.  Robbie Thomas has solved 0 cases in 18 (or 20) years.  A perfect record!

If you have a moment, congratulate Robbie - (and, if you do, carbon copy us -