If Robbie Contacts You!

Since the creation of this blog/site, Robbie Poulton has contacted a number of people that he believes have intimate knowledge about the "anonymous" contributors to this site.  This page is here to identify his common claims/statements to these people as well as explain our positions regarding those claims/statements.  It is also to point out that Robbie Poulton/Robbie Thomas is admitting that he is not psychic simply by calling/emailing these people.

If Robbie Poulton/Robbie Thomas was truly psychic as he claims and can do the following things (that he has claimed/continues to claim):
  • Talk to the dead/have them talk back
  • Identify the location of missing/abducted children
  • Solve murders/identify suspects
  • See the future/predict future events
Then Robbie Poulton/Robbie Thomas should have no problems in using these supposed "powers" to identify the "anonymous" blog authors. 

But Robbie Poulton/Robbie Thomas has not been able to identify who the blog authors are because he doesn't have psychic powers and, it should come as no surprise, has never solved a crime, located a missing person, identified a suspect or predicted the future using psychic powers.

Robbie's claims:

I work with Police forces assisting in murder investigations and abductions/missing persons.
No he doesn't.  Assisting would suggest that he has provided valuable information that they couldn't have otherwise come across and/or that his activities have a net positive effect.  They don't.  Robbie Thomas has NEVER solved a crime using his psychic powers.  The claims on his website have been clearly exposed on http://www.stoprobbie.com/.  He did not solve the Victoria Staffords, Natallee Holloway, Cezar Cano or any other case.  (Note: Many of the cases that he even advertises involvement in still remain open.  If he was psychic, they would have been solved.)

These people are threatening me (my family, etc.)
Nope.  The only thing we may be threatening is a full exposure of the lies that Robbie tells.  Robbie and his family have never been threatened by anyone from this site.  If he has received threats (we doubt he has) they are probably from people who he has taken advantage of or people who have become wise to his tricks.  If you lie to people, steal their money from them, create false hope and ultimately destroy a person's faith in humanity, you might be asking for trouble from the people you abuse.

I support (insert charity name here)
Who cares?  As has been addressed on http://www.stoprobbie.com/ and on http://sarniaskeptic.blogspot.com/ - because you donate to a cause does not mean they validate you/support you/endorse you.  And, more importantly, many times Robbie Thomas has claimed support/sponsorship that was entirely not true.  Recently he was claiming to be a sponsor of Sarnia-Lambton Crime Stoppers and had posted their logo on his site - until they found out that he was claiming that.  He has since co-opted another organization's logo on his site. (In the past he has claimed to support ChildFind until they found out about his claim, too!)

Questions to ask Robbie if you encounter him:

If you are what you claim you are, why can't you use your psychic powers to identify the bloggers at StopRobbie.com?
Hint: He's not what he claims to be.

What police forces have you worked with?  Who did you work with there?
If he claims that he is not permitted to talk about it or "out of respect for our relationship", ask him why he has no problem posting the names/pictures of dead people on his website but feels some sort of compassion/respect for the privacy of people who actually solve crimes.

What crimes have you solved? Be specific.
His website lists a few that he claims to have worked on in the 20 years that he has been doing this. He didn't solve the Victoria Stafford case, the Cezar Cano case, the Brewer case (unsolved), the Brian Jones case (unsolved) or the Natallee Holloway case(unsolved).  He claims involvement in 5 cases and three of them remain unsolved - the two that were solved were not solved by Robbie Thomas.

If you were involved in the Karen Caughlin case, why does it remain open? The Natallee Holloway case?  The Brewer cases?

Why did you tell the Stafford family that their daughter/niece was still alive when she was already brutally murdered and her body disposed of?

What evidence do you have to support the claim that your family is being threatened? And/or what are the threats?
The Sarnia Police investigated his claims and found that there were no threats made and that Robbie Thomas is just a pissy-faced cry baby.

How do you sleep at night knowing all the harm you've caused, all the people you've hurt and all the false information you have provided to people?