Monday, November 22, 2010

Here we go again: Robbie offers to support a charity

If you have been following or have read Sarnia Skeptic's blogs regarding Robbie Thomas, this will be somewhat of a rehash.  We're revisiting this issue because Robbie is doing it again.

Robbie, in the past, has attempted to suggest legitimacy of his antics by trying to associate himself with reputable charities - charities that support families of missing children and the like.  As Robbie has often claimed that he has solved missing persons cases (he hasn't) using psychic powers (which likely don't exist but Robbie definitely doesn't possess), these organizations have demanded that Robbie not use their name/website/information in his promotions.

Charities are thankful for the money they receive from donations but, for the most part, aren't going to toss aside their morals/values/mission for the sake of the dollar. 

Often people will operate their own fundraisers with the proceeds going to a specified charity but the charity is not aware of such.  This is likely the case with Robbie's recent "fundraiser".  He is offering to donate $5 of every sale of his new book (through his website) to "Diabetes Association for children" (which doesn't exist). 

Don't be fooled - this is not an official fundraiser (never mind the fact that the only "Diabetes Association for Children" is located in Nevada - and they are not aware of Robbie Thomas' fundraiser and say that they do not support it).  Robbie Thomas will do anything to suggest legitimacy and to sell his books. 

Monday, November 15, 2010

Fanshawe's Student Voice: Solving crimes from the other side

Robbie recently had a "news" item published in Fanshawe's Student Voice.  The incredulous piece written by Jessica Ireland goes through the standard shtick that Robbie gives out - with changes that Robbie makes because he isn't good at telling the same story.

Read: Solving crimes from the other side

A subsequent letter to the editor, Psychic into self promotion refers to and the incredulity of the report.  Thank you, Ian Koropatnick, for your letter to the editor!

Ironically, Robbie holds firmly to the idea that he "assisted" in the Victoria (Tori) Stafford case (which he didn't solve).  Since that case, thousands of murders and abductions have happened yet Robbie hangs on to this horrible example as if it was the "best" he had done. 

The very next blog entry on this site: "Is he lying or just not familiar with the English language?" deals with the cases that Robbie claims to have been involved in so I won't go through it here.

Robbie is claiming he has been a "psychic criminal profiler" for 20 years (ignore for a moment that we have copies of all of his old websites and the "psychic criminal profiler" title is only a few years old for him) and he only refers to a handful of cases?  If he has psychic powers (he doesn't), they're hardly worth bragging about.  0 solved cases in 20 years. 0 recovered children in 20 years. 

If you come across a site referring to Robbie Thomas, please email us at  We also encourage others to do what Ian Koropatnick did - speak up.  Robbie Thomas is not psychic.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Is he lying or just not familiar with the English language?

On Robbie's website, he states:
"He has successfully assisted in murder/missing persons cases for twenty years with different Law Enforcement Agencies and families internationally as a Psychic Criminal Profiler. "

Given that Robbie Thomas has never solved a murder/missing persons case (ever - not in 20 years, not in his entire life) using his claimed psychic powers, he is either lying or redefining the words "assisted" and "successfully".

On the "Cases" page of his website he has two (only two) solved cases.  Both of which he didn't solve and he didn't assist in solving.

First, Victoria Stafford (Tory).  He may have had contact with the family but he did not assist in the solving of that case.  Once the trials and appeals have been complete, a simple Freedom of Information Act request will prove that Robbie is lying if he claims he solved that case. (Keep in mind that Robbie told the family that "Tory" was still alive more than a week after, we now know, she was actually murdered.)

Secondly, the site lists "Ceasar Ivan Cano" - Sarnia Skeptic deconstructs the "evidence" that Robbie Thomas (who is not psychic) puts forward to support his claim that he solved.  Also, Robbie later claimed that the police didn't listen to him and that they could have saved the life of the child if they had (which is also untrue as he was murdered within a very short time of his abduction).  That would imply that Robbie did not "successfully assist". 

What do you think? Liar and fraud or unfamiliar with  Either way, he can't help you (or anyone) solve a missing persons/murder case using his claimed psychic powers (Robbie Thomas is not psychic).