Monday, November 22, 2010

Here we go again: Robbie offers to support a charity

If you have been following or have read Sarnia Skeptic's blogs regarding Robbie Thomas, this will be somewhat of a rehash.  We're revisiting this issue because Robbie is doing it again.

Robbie, in the past, has attempted to suggest legitimacy of his antics by trying to associate himself with reputable charities - charities that support families of missing children and the like.  As Robbie has often claimed that he has solved missing persons cases (he hasn't) using psychic powers (which likely don't exist but Robbie definitely doesn't possess), these organizations have demanded that Robbie not use their name/website/information in his promotions.

Charities are thankful for the money they receive from donations but, for the most part, aren't going to toss aside their morals/values/mission for the sake of the dollar. 

Often people will operate their own fundraisers with the proceeds going to a specified charity but the charity is not aware of such.  This is likely the case with Robbie's recent "fundraiser".  He is offering to donate $5 of every sale of his new book (through his website) to "Diabetes Association for children" (which doesn't exist). 

Don't be fooled - this is not an official fundraiser (never mind the fact that the only "Diabetes Association for Children" is located in Nevada - and they are not aware of Robbie Thomas' fundraiser and say that they do not support it).  Robbie Thomas will do anything to suggest legitimacy and to sell his books. 

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