Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Is he lying or just not familiar with the English language?

On Robbie's website, he states:
"He has successfully assisted in murder/missing persons cases for twenty years with different Law Enforcement Agencies and families internationally as a Psychic Criminal Profiler. "

Given that Robbie Thomas has never solved a murder/missing persons case (ever - not in 20 years, not in his entire life) using his claimed psychic powers, he is either lying or redefining the words "assisted" and "successfully".

On the "Cases" page of his website he has two (only two) solved cases.  Both of which he didn't solve and he didn't assist in solving.

First, Victoria Stafford (Tory).  He may have had contact with the family but he did not assist in the solving of that case.  Once the trials and appeals have been complete, a simple Freedom of Information Act request will prove that Robbie is lying if he claims he solved that case. (Keep in mind that Robbie told the family that "Tory" was still alive more than a week after, we now know, she was actually murdered.)

Secondly, the site lists "Ceasar Ivan Cano" - Sarnia Skeptic deconstructs the "evidence" that Robbie Thomas (who is not psychic) puts forward to support his claim that he solved.  Also, Robbie later claimed that the police didn't listen to him and that they could have saved the life of the child if they had (which is also untrue as he was murdered within a very short time of his abduction).  That would imply that Robbie did not "successfully assist". 

What do you think? Liar and fraud or unfamiliar with dictionary.com?  Either way, he can't help you (or anyone) solve a missing persons/murder case using his claimed psychic powers (Robbie Thomas is not psychic). 

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  1. I'm glad he changed his pics. Instead of laughing until I barf, I just giggle myself silly now.