Monday, November 15, 2010

Fanshawe's Student Voice: Solving crimes from the other side

Robbie recently had a "news" item published in Fanshawe's Student Voice.  The incredulous piece written by Jessica Ireland goes through the standard shtick that Robbie gives out - with changes that Robbie makes because he isn't good at telling the same story.

Read: Solving crimes from the other side

A subsequent letter to the editor, Psychic into self promotion refers to and the incredulity of the report.  Thank you, Ian Koropatnick, for your letter to the editor!

Ironically, Robbie holds firmly to the idea that he "assisted" in the Victoria (Tori) Stafford case (which he didn't solve).  Since that case, thousands of murders and abductions have happened yet Robbie hangs on to this horrible example as if it was the "best" he had done. 

The very next blog entry on this site: "Is he lying or just not familiar with the English language?" deals with the cases that Robbie claims to have been involved in so I won't go through it here.

Robbie is claiming he has been a "psychic criminal profiler" for 20 years (ignore for a moment that we have copies of all of his old websites and the "psychic criminal profiler" title is only a few years old for him) and he only refers to a handful of cases?  If he has psychic powers (he doesn't), they're hardly worth bragging about.  0 solved cases in 20 years. 0 recovered children in 20 years. 

If you come across a site referring to Robbie Thomas, please email us at  We also encourage others to do what Ian Koropatnick did - speak up.  Robbie Thomas is not psychic.

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