Monday, August 20, 2018

Robbie Poulton aka Robbie Thomas is a liar who preys on people who are often going through tough times.  Robbie has approached families of missing and murdered persons and claimed (without evidence or contrary to the evidence) that he has assisted others in solving their cases using his claimed psychic abilities.

Despite what Robbie would like you to believe, in more than 20 years, Robbie has not been involved in solving a single crime using his self-proclaimed psychic abilities.  

Psychics will often claim that it is just for entertainment but what kind of sick piece of crap lies to a grieving family for entertainment?  I have never found anything entertaining about psychics - until today.

This morning, I received an email with a screen capture.  For your viewing pleasure:

That, my friends, is funny.  Someone who claims to be psychic, someone who lies about having solved crimes, someone who can "see" things he can't possibly see is looking for our help.  

Saturday, January 7, 2017

The unstoppable liar

As you can probably imagine, from the title/description of this blog, Robbie Thomas (Poulton) and I don't share the same value for evidence or truth.  Robbie regularly lies and uses his lies to self-promote.  One can't argue that Robbie isn't persistent in both of those endeavours (lying and shameless self-promotion).  Take, for example, Robbie's recent facebook post on a local "mystic" shop's website:

First of all, he pretty much avoids even pretending to be doing a review of the shop and jumps right into how great he is (clear lies).  Let's ignore that Robbie is, technically, an author but fails to grasp even the simplest concepts of the English language.  His "review" is nothing more than a number of lies to promote his website and "readings".

To understand how truthful Robbie is, you should check out Robbie's tours and even consider the "movie" that he was promoting (it turns out that he doesn't even have that website any longer - I'm clearly more psychic than Robbie - I predicted it would be a failure!).

A final note - I can't help but wonder if I am driving Robbie Thomas and Darin James together as we've recently been purchasing ads featuring both Robbie and Darin in the same ad.  Darin, we've learned, actually does "work" at the woo-woo store that Robbie is reviewing (above).

Darin and Robbie both claim to be psychic - they're not.  You're welcome to stop in at the Mystic Mind on Friday's to see Darin in action.  It won't be the only woo-woo you'll encounter in there.
When we have time, we'll have more to say about that store on

Monday, January 2, 2017

Getting Ready for a Road Trip!

It has been a while since Robbie has given us an opportunity to meet his loyal followers! Thankfully, Robbie is going on tour again!

His last tour was such a smashing success (he should have predicted it'd end in failure - but he's not psychic), it is no surprise he is taking the show on the road again.  One location, for his tour, that is suspiciously missing is his home town of Sarnia.  I suspect Robbie isn't interested in having the crew out front of the theatre handing out anthrax again.  What he, clearly, forgets is that the site has a lot of followers and one of them contacted us to ask what they could do with Robbie coming so close to their home.

Now that I'm aware of the tour and able to clear up my schedule, I am able to make it to a couple of the already scheduled dates but if you are able to make it to any of the tour stops, reach out to us at  We're working on some great materials to hand out and we've got some new signage that we'd be happy to send (or bring along with us).

If you're new to this site - came here from a google link or other advertisement - we encourage you to read more about Robbie Thomas, the harm he's done (and doing) as well as postings on other "psychics" in Sarnia like Darin James (who, like Robbie Thomas, is not psychic.)

Thanks for stopping in!

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

The Morals and Ethics of Robbie Thomas (Robbie Poulton)

For a second, let's pretend that Robbie actually cares about solving crimes and not simply about self-promotion.  And now imagine the following scenario.

Robbie Thomas is, for argument's sake, contacted by a family member who is desperate for hope and answers because they've lost a loved one to murder that remains unsolved.  Robbie, as part of my story, meets with the family or family member and offers them comfort and support and claims that he'll use his psychic abilities to help solve the crime.

Now, given the initial presumption that Robbie Thomas isn't a self-promoter but rather a selfless warrior for justice, what would Robbie Poulton do next?

  • Contact the paper and tell his story about helping the family solve the crime?
  • Would he willingly discuss personal information and points about a private conversation with the victim's family?
  • If, after some time, he isn't able to solve the crime, would he advertise his involvement (as if it were successful) in books, on his website or in promotional print materials and YouTube videos?
  • Would he continue to use the victim's name in promotional materials even after the family has specifically demanded that he cease to do so?
  • Would he, after claiming to have fully complied with the family's request, crop an article about the crime and his supposed involvement to continue, even today, to use it for his self promotion?
My suggestion is that the answer to all these questions, if Robbie Thomas had a shred of morality or ethics, would be no.

As mentioned on the Sarnia Skeptic blog and on this site, Robbie has done each and every one of the things listed above.  The final point, however, is one about continually and intentionally twisting the truth by omitting parts of the story.  Specifically, he's gone so far as to crop a picture to make it seem like he's involved in solving a crime - a crime that is, today, unsolved.  And, on top of that, it is a clipping that references the very family that has spent countless hours and untold effort trying to get Robbie Thomas to stop the abuse.

Get ready for it.  Here is a screen clipping from a YouTube capture (see here).  The clipping refers to the Karen Caughlin murder.

The family demands that he stop using her name in promotions so what does he do?  Uses the article with her name cropped out.  As seen, today, on (note the edit to remove the top line of the article and replace the text with a picture to hide the name in the text): 

Yes, Robbie is that morally and ethically bankrupt.  He's consistent, for sure.  Consistently fails to demonstrate anything he claims as it relates to psychic abilities, crimes solved or about being selfless.  His 100% failure rate does not make him a scumbag.  Twisting the story to suggest that failures are successes and habitually abusing families already victimized earns him the well deserved title of scumbag. 

His 100% failure rate also proves he's not psychic (just like everyone else).

Friday, April 15, 2016

You're not going to believe this - Robbie is a liar!

If you haven't stopped by Robbie Thomas' site recently, you might not be aware that he is "Endorsed and Supported by The C.A.V. of Canada".  Don't bother going there, I'll save you the trip.

In the top left corner, the very first thing you see, is his unambiguous claim of support and endorsement.

Wow, what an endorsement.  But, wow, what a lie.  A member of this blog contacted "The C.A.V. of Canada" and received the following response:

Thanks for directing this observation to me.
Under no circumstances have CAV ever endorsed this individual.
We will be taking measured in the next couple of days to ensure the misrepresentation of our trademark logo is taken down from his website and he is fully aware of the ramifications of his actions.
Thank you again for making us aware of this issue.
Strength & Honour 
Earle "Grizzly" Eastman
National President
Canadian Army Veterans Motorcycle Units 
That's not the first time Robbie has lied and, if I'm psychic (nobody is), I'm betting it won't be the last.  To this day, he still has "endorsements" on his site that are attributed to people who have publicly stated that they are lies, taken out of context or are blatant misrepresentations.

More to come...

Update: April 20, 2016
I must be psychic - I saw this one coming.

Surprise!  The endorsement has disappeared.  

I wonder if the Crime Stoppers endorsement goes next?  Robbie, thank you for making this so much fun!  This next screen capture has soooo much to work with.  

We'll see if Robbie takes down the Crime Stoppers "claim" before I'm even back from vacation. 

He'll have to also back-up this lie:

Robbie - which search organizations endorse you as a psychic? What law enforcement claims you're a psychic and supports you?  Oh, and Crime Stoppers?  The letter they sent me is priceless - and doesn't support Robbie's claim.  

Robbie Thomas - still not psychic and still sporting a 100% failure rate when it comes to solving crimes with his (non-existent) psychic abilities.  Congratulations!

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

New Address, Unfortunately

Unfortunately, the site no longer has the old domain.  Currently and point to the site.

It has been quite some time since the site has been updated but I think the only thing that has really changed is the number of years that Robbie Thomas has been a lying piece of crap. Five years later and Robbie Thomas has still not solved a single crime using his self-proclaimed psychic abilities.  Just like all other people, Robbie Thomas is not psychic.

To make things simpler, has never solved a crime using psychic abilities.  No matter what name you insert, the statement is true.  Just as " is not psychic" is universally applicable.

Robbie Thomas (Robbie Poulton) is still claiming that he is a psychic who has used those abilities to solve crimes and he continues to post testimonials from people who (he claims) support that he's "the real deal".  Yet, Robbie Thomas does not have a list of "Crimes I've Solved" on his site because he has never solved a crime using his non-existent psychic abilities.

Throughout the years, Robbie has talked about a number of crimes that he has supposedly been involved in solving but, time and again, when we follow up with investigators or family members, they, almost without exception, say "he's lying".  Why do they say that?  Aside from that being the truth?  Let's take a quick look.

Robbie Thomas claims to have been involved in the Natalee Holloway case - a lie and as the case was definitely not solved with the help of psychics.  Same for Tori Stafford - not solved by psychics. Karen Caughlin - not yet solved though Robbie was using her name and picture to promote his failed tour (Robbie, with all due respect, you're a lying sack of shit - go collect your $50,000 if you have psychic abilities and can solve a crime.. oh, wait, you already tried and the police said your information was of no value and you wasted police resources. Though completely on point, I apologize for my digression.)

Take a browse through this site and you can see, in detail, the disgraceful actions and claims of Robbie Thomas and the like.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Logan Tucker Case: Not Solved by Psychics

I received an email about Robbie Thomas being on a recent "radio" show (December 15 or 16) and though I haven't had a chance to listen to the program yet (I have to put all my forks away or the "radio" show will drive me to poke my eyes out - Robbie is a consistent liar and an abuser of the English language.  Listening to his radio programs involves a re-write of the dictionary to make his statements even close to sensible - but enough with the ad hominem attack), but I followed some of the links they included in the email.

First, let me point you to further proof that Robbie Thomas is a scumbag - on the following site, Danielle Egnew advertises her upcoming (at the time) participation in the Psychic Justice Tour (which failed miserably because of supposed anthrax attacks (though I suspect the more likely reason being that he is such a horrible liar)).  The advertisement that is placed on the site is almost verbatim what Robbie had initially used when promoting his tour - so Danielle Egnew can really only be guilty of failing to even do a cursory search of Robbie's (false) claims.  Robbie Thomas continues to use and abuse already victimized families by claiming to have been involved in solving their cases - even when the cases haven't been solved.  That's what a scumbag does.

Danielle will be the featured guest speaker during the Los Angeles leg of renowned criminal Psychic Profiler Robbie Thomas' Psychic Justice Tour dedicated to the families and victims of unsolved crimes, hitting 30+ cities in two countries thus far. The Los Angeles event is tentatively scheduled for July / August of 2010, times and venue TBA.

The tour showcases Robbie Thomas, whose TV pilot "Psychic Justice" has already been shot, discussing his 18 years as a psychic criminal profiler while presenting his involvement with sensitive high profile cases such as Victoria Stafford (Woodstock, ON), Elisha McMaster (Toronto, ON), Cesar Ivan Aguilar-Cano (Louisville, KY) , Logan Tucker (Oklahoma City, Ok) Natalie Holloway (Birmingham, AL), Karen Caughlin (Sarnia, Ontario), Marc Campbell (Sarnia, Ontario) and many others.

I suspect that I needn't point out that the Natalee Holloway case has not been solved (notice the misspelling - I suspect it is to limit people finding out that he is abusing her name but it could simply be that Robbie is that stupid.)  But, for those that don't know, the Elisha McMaster case is not solved (Elisha's mother, Jane, is still searching for help and, unfortunately, from other 'psychics'), the Karen Caughlin case is not solved (follow the link above for more information) and the Logan Tucker case is one that was not solved by Robbie Thomas.

The Logan Tucker story is available online and it clearly does not involve a psychic solving the crime.  Other psychics who attempted to get involved were outed as failures (see Oklahoma is not "OK" for psychic) and as the body of the missing boy has still not been found, Robbie is obviously lying about his involvement in the case.

The Marc Campbell story will be for another entry - but, rest assured, Robbie Thomas did not solve the crime and definitely didn't do so with his so-called psychic powers.

Robbie Thomas is a liar and a fraud - these are not merely opinions but statements of fact.  We've made these claims for a number of years and if they were not true, they would be actionable.  As always, if Robbie Thomas wishes to sue me, I will happily identify myself to his lawyers and I would be overjoyed to expose his lies, further, in a court of law.