Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I can't wait - a new "movie" by the not psychic Robbie Thomas

This could be breaking news - Robbie Thomas is setting up a new webpage for a "movie" called "Death Walk". 

I think the tagline for the movie is "If you can't find a lighter, here's another way to burn your money - buy this movie".  At least he's honest (he's not).

Here's the poster for the movie:
And, just for you, a link to the new website (still being worked on?) - http://deathwalkmovie.com/

(I really like that he has a "Robbie Thomas Films", a "Robbie Thomas Offices" and also his wife is associate director and the cast are the same old same old.  I searched for Jessica Lynn (I would not suggest it - the results are not safe for work) and "Gate Productions" but couldn't find anything that seemed relevant.  "Gate Productions" has a credit (1 of 4 production companies involved) in "The Gate" (1987) but I could not locate a website.  "The Gate" was taped in Kleinberg, Ontario)


  1. A new movie? Has he ever made a movie before?

    Is this going to be a non-movie just like he is a non-psychic and has a non-success rate of 20 years?

    Sounds like another loser.

  2. I'm pretty sure that 'afterlife' is one word, not two...

  3. DJ - we apologize if you got the impression that we thought Robbie was anything close to intelligent. We'll work harder in the future to point out that Robbie Thomas is not psychic and not smart.