Thursday, January 27, 2011

2010 Comes and Goes and Robbie Thomas Solves 0 Cases

Robbie Thomas is not psychic so, for most of us, it comes as no surprise that he has not solved a single case (using his claimed psychic powers) in 2010.  Mind you, he has never solved a case using psychic powers.  Robbie Thomas would claim that he has been doing this for 20 years but he has yet to provide a shred of evidence to support his claims that he has helped solve crimes.

We have covered this before but I think it needs to be pointed out.  "Psychic" Robbie Thomas has a "Cases" page on his website that lists cases that he claims to have been involved in.  Some cases that he refers to are still, to this day, unsolved (one would have to assume that any help he provided didn't result in solving the case and would not support his claims).  Other cases are years old - not a single one from 2010. 

The two most recent cases (Cesar Cano and Tory Stafford) that were solved did not involve Robbie Thomas working with the Police.  Neither of the forces have given any credit to Robbie Thomas (or any psychic for that matter) and that is simply because Robbie Thomas is lying about being a psychic.

This site was setup to stop the abuse of people who are already the victims of horrendous crimes.  "Psychics" preying on desperate families is disgusting and deplorable.  If you have lost a loved one to a kidnapping or a murder, we encourage you to avoid "psychics" and the pain, suffering and abuse that will come with it.

KlassKids Foundation and Project Jason have had dealings with "psychics" and have issued stern warnings about them. 

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