Tuesday, January 4, 2011

For some reason I don't think they meant it to be funny

A "friend" of http://www.stoprobbie.com/ recently sent us some "updates" on Robbie Thomas.

EMF Typewriter
First of all, Robbie Thomas is involved in a new venture - EMF Typewriters (and here) (I'm not kidding!).  Some quotes from the linked sites:
The EMF Typewriter is the only device capable of proving, that’s right, proving the existence of ghosts. Watch ghosts type messages on a computer screen.
A limited edition of 100 history making devices are being produced. A certificate of authenticity, signed by the inventor Don Hutcheson, comes with each device sold.
Robbie is my test lead for the EMF typewriter. Imagine that the ghosts cannot read a computer screen? How am I going to get that feedback to improve the product? Well the only solution is to have a psychic as your test lead. Robbie Thomas is my psychic test lead.
I realized that Robbie’s particular expertise in talking to ghosts was a skill I needed to help me complete my invention. So, I called Robbie. What a nice guy! He said, “Sure. I’d like to help!” A couple of days later, he called me back to ask if I’d be his chief scientist on a TV show idea he was pitching. WOW! Too much fun!

I'm pretty certain the site is meant to be serious but I can't help but giggle.  Really? An EMF-Typewriter? And "proving the existence of ghosts"?  Come on Robbie, we thought you had standards!  (No we didn't - you've done worse.)

Paranormal Dream Team
On that same page is a link to "Kickstarter" - a website designed around getting contributions to back a project - with information on Robbie's newest project: "Paranormal Dream Team". (I like how the slogan is "Wrestling with the Unknown" but the graphic is 4 people participating in a tug-o-war.)
Leaders in their field, this team of experts will explain the unexplainable and have fun doing it. Often putting their lives on the line to get scientific proof of the the existence of the paranormal, these explorers will bring you the latest in scientific evidence from around the world.

For their first expedition, they will travel 20,000 miles to bring you proof of the existence of extraterrestrials and UFOs.

It is the first of a series for the Paranormal Dream Team(sm). The Paranormal Dream Team is a collection of eclectic paranormal experts brought together to investigate the weird and wonderful.

-Michael Esposito (Leading EVP Researcher Specialist)
-Robbie Thomas (Leadings Psychic Communicator/Investigator)
-Don Hutcheson (Leading Scientific Studies/Researcher) inventor of the EMF Typewriter

Members of this team have led successful projects including: Sallie House & Dead Whisper.
By "leaders in their field", I suspect they're referring to the field of "abusing already victimized people".  If there was a field of toothfairyology, they might be considered experts.

For their project to get off the ground they need at least $20,000.  Today they have raised a total of (rounding up) $0.00.  I can't understand it - with such great incentives, how come more people aren't jumping on the bandwagon?  Here is the scale of "benefits" as I seem them:

Pledge $1 or more:  Get minor recognition that you're associated with stupidity. ("Contributor Credit in Film")

Pledge $5 or more:  They'll call you and give you a one minute (seriously) update on their abuse of your money and recognition that you supported stupidity. ("A 1 minute update call from a Paranormal Dream Team expert while on investigation and a contributor credit in film.")

Pledge $15 or more:  You get to talk back to them (as long as the conversation fits in 5 minutes) when they call you to prove to you that they're wasting your money as best as they can and recognition that you easily throw your money away ("A 5 minute two way *LIVE* update call from a Paranormal Dream Team expert while on investigation and a contributor credit on film.")

Pledge $45 or more:  They won't bother you with a phone call but they'll give you more credit for admitting that you associate with stupid and a t-shirt so you can show your friends that you're that dumb. ("A Paranormal Dream Team T-Shirt and Silver contributor credit on film.")

Pledge $100 or more:  Your name in bigger and bolder font in the credits of a movie/show that nobody will watch and a frickin' "I'm stupid" t-shirt. ("A Paranormal Dream Team T-Shirt and Gold contributor credit on film.")

Pledge $500 or more:  The same big and bold display of your name as the $100 donation but you also get dinner with Robbie Thomas and the best part is you won't be able to keep your dinner down because Robbie will make you puke when he gives you his fake psychic reading. ("Dinner with Robbie Thomas in Detroit, a psychic reading and Gold contributor credit on film.")

Pledge $5000 or more:  They'll guarantee that the world will learn that you are 1.) stupid, 2.) easily separated from your money and 3.) more gullible than someone who accepts homeopathy.  You'll get to have dinner with the whole team so one of them will hold the vomit bag while your dinner is brought up from listening to Robbie give you a fake psychic reading.  You're really going to want this - have your name listed as Executive Producer because every kid dreams to be associated with a train wreck. ("Executive Producer film credit, a fabulous dinner with the Paranormal Dream Team in Chicago and a psychic reading by Robbie Thomas.")

Thanks for the laughs, Robbie.

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