Saturday, January 7, 2017

The unstoppable liar

As you can probably imagine, from the title/description of this blog, Robbie Thomas (Poulton) and I don't share the same value for evidence or truth.  Robbie regularly lies and uses his lies to self-promote.  One can't argue that Robbie isn't persistent in both of those endeavours (lying and shameless self-promotion).  Take, for example, Robbie's recent facebook post on a local "mystic" shop's website:

First of all, he pretty much avoids even pretending to be doing a review of the shop and jumps right into how great he is (clear lies).  Let's ignore that Robbie is, technically, an author but fails to grasp even the simplest concepts of the English language.  His "review" is nothing more than a number of lies to promote his website and "readings".

To understand how truthful Robbie is, you should check out Robbie's tours and even consider the "movie" that he was promoting (it turns out that he doesn't even have that website any longer - I'm clearly more psychic than Robbie - I predicted it would be a failure!).

A final note - I can't help but wonder if I am driving Robbie Thomas and Darin James together as we've recently been purchasing ads featuring both Robbie and Darin in the same ad.  Darin, we've learned, actually does "work" at the woo-woo store that Robbie is reviewing (above).

Darin and Robbie both claim to be psychic - they're not.  You're welcome to stop in at the Mystic Mind on Friday's to see Darin in action.  It won't be the only woo-woo you'll encounter in there.
When we have time, we'll have more to say about that store on

Monday, January 2, 2017

Getting Ready for a Road Trip!

It has been a while since Robbie has given us an opportunity to meet his loyal followers! Thankfully, Robbie is going on tour again!

His last tour was such a smashing success (he should have predicted it'd end in failure - but he's not psychic), it is no surprise he is taking the show on the road again.  One location, for his tour, that is suspiciously missing is his home town of Sarnia.  I suspect Robbie isn't interested in having the crew out front of the theatre handing out anthrax again.  What he, clearly, forgets is that the site has a lot of followers and one of them contacted us to ask what they could do with Robbie coming so close to their home.

Now that I'm aware of the tour and able to clear up my schedule, I am able to make it to a couple of the already scheduled dates but if you are able to make it to any of the tour stops, reach out to us at  We're working on some great materials to hand out and we've got some new signage that we'd be happy to send (or bring along with us).

If you're new to this site - came here from a google link or other advertisement - we encourage you to read more about Robbie Thomas, the harm he's done (and doing) as well as postings on other "psychics" in Sarnia like Darin James (who, like Robbie Thomas, is not psychic.)

Thanks for stopping in!