Wednesday, April 6, 2011

SarniaSkeptic: Of Course Psychics Aren't Self Serving

As some of you may be aware, SarniaSkeptic is a regular contributor to the site.  He was one of the driving forces that lead to the creation of this site.  Recently he posted an entry that I think is fitting for the site (but since he didn't crosspost it, I'm not going to copy it here and add a few other links) - take a look at:

SarniaSkeptic: Of course psychics aren't self serving, that's why I love them

It is important to remember that Robbie Thomas isn't the only 'psychic' who purports to have abilities that can be used to solve crimes and other miraculous things - he's not even the only one in Sarnia.  In Sarnia, they are lucky to have another 'psychic' that has preyed on families that have been victimized by violent crimes.  Darin James (Darin Scheiding) ( / is another non-psychic that needs to adjust his ways.

Other entries that SarniaSkeptic has written about Darin James in the past:

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And the other 'psychic' listed in the first link, is Mary Demitro/Mary Young

Another Sarnia Disgrace - Mary Young/Mary Demitro

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  1. I didn't post about Darin because we hadn't received the emails about him at the time. I do agree that it is an appropriate addition to the site - I wasn't holding out, I just didn't have the info yet.

    Darin is just a scumbag like Robbie - however Robbie is more relentless in his scumbaggery.

    I'll show just how bad Darin is in an upcoming blog. :)