Tuesday, April 12, 2016

New Address, Unfortunately

Unfortunately, the site no longer has the old stoprobbie.com domain.  Currently stoprobbiethomas.blogspot.ca and robbiethomas.sarnia.com point to the site.

It has been quite some time since the site has been updated but I think the only thing that has really changed is the number of years that Robbie Thomas has been a lying piece of crap. Five years later and Robbie Thomas has still not solved a single crime using his self-proclaimed psychic abilities.  Just like all other people, Robbie Thomas is not psychic.

To make things simpler, has never solved a crime using psychic abilities.  No matter what name you insert, the statement is true.  Just as " is not psychic" is universally applicable.

Robbie Thomas (Robbie Poulton) is still claiming that he is a psychic who has used those abilities to solve crimes and he continues to post testimonials from people who (he claims) support that he's "the real deal".  Yet, Robbie Thomas does not have a list of "Crimes I've Solved" on his site because he has never solved a crime using his non-existent psychic abilities.

Throughout the years, Robbie has talked about a number of crimes that he has supposedly been involved in solving but, time and again, when we follow up with investigators or family members, they, almost without exception, say "he's lying".  Why do they say that?  Aside from that being the truth?  Let's take a quick look.

Robbie Thomas claims to have been involved in the Natalee Holloway case - a lie and as the case was definitely not solved with the help of psychics.  Same for Tori Stafford - not solved by psychics. Karen Caughlin - not yet solved though Robbie was using her name and picture to promote his failed tour (Robbie, with all due respect, you're a lying sack of shit - go collect your $50,000 if you have psychic abilities and can solve a crime.. oh, wait, you already tried and the police said your information was of no value and you wasted police resources. Though completely on point, I apologize for my digression.)

Take a browse through this site and you can see, in detail, the disgraceful actions and claims of Robbie Thomas and the like.

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