Tuesday, February 8, 2011

He's at it again - claiming to support another unsuspecting charity/non-profit

Update (Feb 27, 2011):
Robbie Thomas, I suspect, was contacted by the Northern Ontario CrimeStoppers organization to have their logo taken off of his site (See below for more info). Win!

Robbie Thomas has, in the past, used logos and names from non-profit organizations and charities to suggest that the monies that he collects are going to a good cause. That may be the case - the money might be going to these charities - but what he is implying is much more.

In the past he has used organizations like "Child Find Canada" and "National Center for Missing and Exploited Children" and a number of other organizations. Generally Robbie has been notified by them that they do not support psychics and request (demand?) that he remove their logos from his site.

At other times, Robbie has either made up or mis-identified the charity that he is supporting (ie. Childhood Diabetes Association). Though we can only speculate why he would so clearly fail to identify an actual charity, I would guess that he was just making stuff up like he often does. Either that, or he was afraid that the people here (at http://www.stoprobbie.com/) would actually contact the organizations and let them know what Robbie is claiming.

A few days ago, Robbie Thomas (is not psychic) put up "Breaking News" on his site that stated his paranormal convention was Proud Sponsors of .. and had a copy of our local Crime Stoppers logo. The crew here notified our local Crime Stoppers Coordinator and, today, the logo has been replaced with another (but not local) Crime Stoppers logo. This time from an organization based in Northern Ontario and Northern Minnesota. See it for yourself at http://www.robbiethomas.net/.

Does it make sense that a local resident, Robbie Poulton, would organize a local event (that changes names yearly because it has flopped consistently so far?) and then send the money to a non-local organization many hours away? Maybe it does to someone who lies, regularly, about his involvement with Police. Robbie Thomas (Poulton) has NEVER solved a crime using psychic abilities and he claims he has been doing it for 20 years.

If you know anyone at http://www.tipshelp.com/ (info@tipshelp.com and coordinator@tipshelp.com are listed as contacts on the site), please let them know that Robbie Thomas is using their logo (and name) and implying that he sponsors their organization.

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  1. So, as of today, Robbie is not a sponsor of crimestoppers and he continues to use their logo on his site www.RobbieThomas dot net, www.deathwalkmovie dot com, and www.canamparafest dot com.

    He is being dishonest - he altered the logo to remove 'Northern Ontario & Northern Minnesota' from it. It is also telling that he won't even link to their site.

    Robbie Thomas is a liar and, at this point, I believe he is making more unsubstantiated claims to mislead the public. This only gives us more reason to attend events that Robbie is at to let people know of his fraudulent act and his blatant lies.

    Robbie, continue to up the ante all you want - just prepare yourself for greater humiliation. We've only begun.