Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Robbie Thomas on Internet radio show - tonight


If you can, comment on the site or call in to the radio show. Heck, do both. Robbie wants the attention!


Well, the chat went as well as expected. I was kicked out for posting a link to this site and then asking if we were allowed to ask questions about Robbie. So I logged back in :)

It was nice to see a couple other skeptics there. If you think Robbie is an idiot, well, let me assure you that he was in good company on that show! They didn't even research their guest in advance (asked where in the US he's from) or put together sensible questions. He claims to be an author and psychic criminal profiler but no questions about either of those things.

He talked about a bunch of bull, as usual, and tried his best to string together words that he has never looked up. He did claim that there was a UFO in Sarnia a few months ago but it was identified (in advance) - it was a 'spy' balloon put up for demonstration.

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