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On this site you will find a number of blog entries that speak about claimed psychics, the harm they do and the lies they tell.  The links section will send you to sites that speak about police and 'psychics', missing children organizations and a number of other relevant items.  For many of the "bloggers" on this site, Robbie Thomas is a local/homegrown non-psychic and, for that reason, this blog does have a lot of information specifically about Robbie Poulton/Robbie Thomas and the harm that he does.

We encourage you to read through the blog entries (scroll down and use the menu on the right hand side), check out the links and learn more about 'psychics' and Robbie Thomas.  For starters, here are some things that you might be interested in:
  • Imagine being told your child is still alive after they are brutally murdered: Robbie (Poulton) Thomas tells Tori Stafford's family that their abducted little girl is alive and will return home safely (on April 13, 2009).  Her body is recovered July 19, 2009 and we now know that she was murdered 5 days before Robbie told the family she was still alive. (More...)
  • Making blatantly false claims and then suggesting the police are incompetent: On December 7, 2007, John Ramses (who has since ditched and exposed Robbie) put out a "press release" that states: "medium Robbie Thomas is asking why Caesar Aguilar-Cano was left to die by the hands of a known child abuser after Thomas had provided accurate details to police and news networks as to Cano's whereabouts only two days after the child went missing."  These claims are false - Robbie Thomas did not provide accurate information (discussed here) and the suggestion that the police failed to act is an absurd and abhorrent one. 
  • What if someone promised to you that your pain would soon end only to have that very person use and abuse you? In June of 2005, Robbie Thomas tells the family of a local murder victim that their case would be solved within 6 months.  The case, to this day, remains unsolved.  The family has spoken out about Robbie Thomas.  If that wasn't enough, he made disparaging remarks about the family on a radio program and has used pictures and information relating to their murdered sister/family member to promote himself.
  • A family suffers a devastating loss and someone enters the picture to make it even worse: A family loses 10 family members to what is clearly ruled as an accidental house fire from the ash of a cigarette but, when Robbie visits, he tells the family that it was not an accident and that it was intentionally set.  (If that were the case, the presence of an accelerant would have been noticed by the investigation.  Robbie is simply making things up and ruining a family as a result.)
  • Robbie has claimed involvement in the Natalee Holloway case (still not solved).
  • Robbie has claimed involvement in the Casey/Caylee Anthony case (was not solved by any 'psychic').
  • 100% failure rate: Robbie Thomas claims that he has been involved in "Psychic Criminal Profiling" for 20+ years.  To this date, he has solved 0 cases using his claimed psychic powers.
There are thousands of unsolved missing persons and murder cases.  Psychics clearly don't exist or this would not be the case.  Robbie Thomas is not psychic (nobody is) and any claims otherwise are either lies whether the person making the claim believes it or not.  The harm that is being done by 'psychics' is real and this site is our small attempt at trying to protect innocent victims from being re-victimized by 'psychics' - this is especially important because it is at times when they are most vulnerable and open to abuse.

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