Wednesday, May 5, 2010

SarniaSkeptic Delivers Robbie Thomas Rundown

In his own quirky but funny way, SarniaSkeptic gives the Robbie Thomas rundown - compact, quick and witty.  It's just sad that the story really isn't that funny - Robbie is doing real harm.  In SarniaSkeptic's own words...
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I became involved with Robbie Thomas about a year ago when I had written a blog about the Tori Stafford case. When the police had informed the public that arrests were made, I wrote a blog entry stating the obvious - that a psychic (namely Robbie Thomas) would be standing with the police at the press conference to be recognized for solving the crime. Sadly, Robbie must have been too busy solving other crimes that he couldn't make the press conference. What made me mad, however, was that the police didn't even mention him. Not in passing and not even a reference to a psychic being involved. Obviously the police are covering something up.

(SarniaSkeptic remains a blog contributor on this site but has opted to take a more pointed approach on some aspects of Robbie Thomas as Robbie has recently claimed to be suing him. We stand with you SarniaSkeptic.)

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