Thursday, May 20, 2010

Robbie Thomas' 100% Inaccuracy

Robbie was recently in Sioux City, Iowa to visit his girlfriend "perform", on stage, a cold case reading for the Jodi Huisentruit case.  In Robbie's advertisements for the "show", he claimed:
"Robbie doing a live cold case reading on the untimely disappearance of News Anchor Jodi Huisentruit from Mason [City,] Iowa. On scene Death Investigator Gary L. Peterson will be in attendance on stage. You will witness never before seen real time investigative work with a Psychic Detective LIVE as information will be passed along to assist in this case."

Robbie's prediction that Gary Peterson would be on stage: FAILED

As you'll see in the documents that I link to, Gary Peterson called in and did not appear on stage.

Okay, so that's a bit weak for a failure, you say?

How about this - Robbie Thomas interviewed/was interviewed by Gary Peterson 2 years ago.  The case still remains unsolved.  This, alone, should leave people wondering what good psychic powers are if they can't solve a case in two years.  But, and I digress, people can't be reasoned out of a belief that they weren't reasoned into - so belief in psychics continues.

It is often claimed that Robbie Thomas has solved 0 cases in 18 years and, though that is almost certainly the case, the fact remains that there is not a single case in recorded history that has been solved using what people claim to be psychic powers.  Robbie Thomas is not alone in his complete and clear level of failure.

As I mentioned at the start of this entry, Robbie was recently in Sioux City to do another "reading" for the Jodi Huisentruit case but, before I go on, let me say this: we do not fault families and friends from grasping at straws.  At times when there appears to be no hope - any hope, even false hope, that is offered is hard not to accept.  Robbie Thomas' offers to assist would be honourable and just if he simply were telling the truth - he isn't. 

On the site, are three recent articles that speak about Robbie's (at the time) upcoming reading and then the subsequent statements about the reading from both Gary Peterson and Robbie Thomas.  Robbie's (limited) writing skills in his statement, oddly, match the writings of "defenders" of Robbie on sites such as Topix and his recent coverage for his Ft. Wayne show.  As the site is likely to be updated with "Psychic Solves Cold Case", here are the direct links to the articles. (I'm ready for someone to quote-mine that one.)

Huisentruit to be Topic of Upcoming Psychic Reading Event
Gary's Update from Robbie Thomas Event
Robbie Thomas Summarizes Event 

On the first link there is an audio file from the 2008 reading/interview that Robbie Thomas and Gary Peterson had. 

Without going into the specifics (of which it wasn't very specific) of what Gary and Robbie claim Robbie provided for information, let me make it clear that Robbie is clearly abusing the English language when he refers to "facts".  At this point in time, much of what he claims is either knowledge obtained earlier, clear speculation or completely made up stuff.  If there is one "fact", it is that Robbie is not afraid to make up stuff (his crew claimed that people were handing out envelopes anthrax at his first event).

Everything that was provided that turns out to be true will have to be countered by everything else that turns out to be false.  Any suggestion that Gary gives about Robbie knowing things that nobody else knew is a clear indication of his willingness and desire to believe that Robbie has some psychic abilities.  The reality is that if Gary knew it, he either was the criminal and the only person who could know it or Robbie could have learned the information the same way (or another way) that Gary, himself, learned it.

Even if Robbie happened to guess correctly about something (so insignificant) like this, it was information that was already known.  What a real psychic should have been able to do is to name the murderer, produce the body and give the location of the criminal(s) involved.  Otherwise, what good are these so-called psychic abilities?

Vague, non-specific information is absolutely useless in the resolution of a crime.  Though it might give hope (false hope at best) it is a waste of police resources and can divert attention from the "real" evidence.  Robbie Thomas' actions are the complete opposite of helpful.

As we have recently received a number of emails from people claiming "how do you explina the Tori Stafford case?" (their spelling), "robbie solved the stafford case" and a few others with similar claims, let me restate it firmly here.

Robbie Thomas was NOT involved in solving the Tori Stafford case.  Robbie Thomas is a liar if he claims anything different.  The only thing that Robbie could retro-fit to the crime was that he "saw" wagon wheels.  Seriously. That's it.  "Wagon wheels?" you ask, yes, wagon wheels.  He, after the fact, claims that the wagon wheels represented Amish "country" - near where her body was found. 

Do you think Robbie would have said "I was wrong, I meant wagon wheels from Amish carriages" if where Tori was found was near a kids play area that had a wagon or if the body was found at another person's home that also had kids?  Nope, you can be sure that he would have said "the wagon wheels represented the presence of other children" or "there was a wagon only about 12,000 feet away".  If you think I'm kidding, consider Sarnia Skeptic's ball kicking of Robbie on the Cezar Cano case. 

You'd also have to ignore the fact that the Ontario Provincial Police have claimed that they do not use psychics and that the facts of the case will show that police work and community involvement solved the crime.  As for the Cezar Cano case - the Louisville Police have stated that "when the case goes to court, I think you'll see that Robbie Thomas is fabricating a story".

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