Friday, May 7, 2010

In the news: Robbie Thomas proves himself not psychic

With the recent news coverage that Robbie received, a number of people had emailed the account.  Thank you!  One of the other contributors asked if I'd be able to comment on it.  As some are aware, I have little to say about Robbie but I'll try my best to cover the recent news.

Robbie Thomas (who is not psychic and he proves it!) was recently featured on a local national news affiliate in Fort Wayne, Indiana as well as on their website in a news article.  (

The comments on the news article appear to be the "what's the harm?", "Robbie is a fraud" and the others are likely Robbie masquerading as someone else claiming that the "haters" are losers.  Typical Robbie fare - typically stupid stuff from a rather inane character.  I think it is important to address (again and again) the "what's the harm?" question and I'll do that before I get into the "Robbie proves that he's not psychic" part. 

I really sympathize with anyone who has lost a loved one at the hands of another person - I can only imagine the horror that a family endures to know that their family member was kidnapped or murdered and that the crime remains unsolved.  I believe, too, that I'd accept whatever 'help' was offered in a time of need.  Many would see it as a "nothing ventured, nothing gained" type scenario or take an "if a psychic can solve it, great, if not, we're no further behind" position.

That, however, isn't all that happens.  Psychics (which almost certainly do not exist so when I mention "psychic" in reference to a person, I mean "claimed psychic" or "pseudo-psychic") waste valuable police resources, provide false hope to a family and distort and desecrate the memories that families have of their loved ones.  Not only that, but (as in Robbie's case in particular) psychics have falsely accused others of horrendous crimes that they never committed.  I suggest to anyone who welcomes a psychic to solve their crime that the false accusation against someone else is harmful.  I've been through this before - I encourage you to take a look at some of the links on the link pages on this site.

Now, on to the great stuff - anyone who accepts this recent news as a positive for Robbie Thomas can only do so if they choose to forget all of his previous news.  ALL of the press that Robbie gets as it relates to his assisting in the resolution of unsolved cases is in advance of the case being solved - there has never been an instance where the paper/tv has published an article on him (especially not days later!) to announce his success.  That has never happened - and it will never happen as a result of any claimed psychic abilities. 

Robbie Thomas Failure Example #78
Five or so years ago, Robbie Poulton of 'Robbie Thomas Offices' (as referenced here) (we've been asked to clarify the Robbie Thomas we're speaking about because others have emailed us concerned that they are being falsely accused of scumbaggery), met with a local (to Sarnia) family to "assist" them in the resolution of an unsolved crime (murder) that was committed against their sister.  The newspaper covered it, and Robbie proudly touted that coverage as "proof of his abilities" (if it is "proof" of anything, it is "proof" that he claims something and not that he has achieved anything) - today, more than 5 years later, that case remains unsolved.  Robbie told the family that the crime would be solved in 6 months.

Robbie Thomas Failure Example #826
Robbie met with the family (family members have told me that he went to the house and left his business card on the door step!) of another person who, at the time, was missing - in this case the young girl was kidnapped (footage showed her being escorted away from school by an unidentified person).  During that meeting, he told a family member that the girl was still alive and would be returned home.  He bragged about his involvement in the case, went on a radio show to talk about it and to tell the radio host what he told the family (that she was still alive).  Today, he has the nerve to suggest that he helped in resolving the case - the girl, who was murdered a week (or more) before Robbie claimed she was still alive, obviously did not return home alive - she wasn't even alive when he was telling the family that she was.  The Ontario Provincial Police (the agency that ultimately solved the case) has firmly stated that they do not use psychics and that Robbie Thomas was not involved in solving the case.  Where's the headline Robbie?

Sadly, two more families (in the Fort Wayne, Indiana area alone) are about to have their hopes raised (and then dashed) by the very scumbag that this site is named after.  (Robbie, brag about this coverage!) 

You read this whole article?  Great! Watch Good Morning America on Saturday, May 8.  I predict it might be worth doing so!

Update: May 8, 2010 (Stop Robbie Thomas)
Sources tell us that Robbie's Fort Wayne, Indiana show had 14 people in attendance.

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  1. Awesome article SS. I'm glad you mentioned the possibility of there being an accusation against a innocent person. Also not just a direct accusation but one more subtle. Robbie (and friends) might just draw a sketch or name a name that is similar to someone innocent but is directly (or on the fringe) of the families circle.

    That person will have the accusation hanging over their head until the case is solved, just because they share the name or resemble the sketch.

    Psychics if held accountable to their actions would no longer be in business.

    Whats the harm indeed!