Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Hey Robbie! Here's some free publicity!

Our great friend, Robbie Thomas (who is not psychic) needs some help with publicity so we're going to give it to him.

If you care to believe John Ramses (Robbie Thomas' ex-manager), Robbie Thomas is likely to be visiting his girlfriend (to his wife's dismay) in Sioux City, Iowa this week.  It is advertised on Robbie's site that he will be doing a reading for the Jodi Huisentruit case.

However, it is interesting that the show following that one is ever changing.  It was supposed to be in Louisville, Kentucky originally and then was moved locations and it has subsequently moved again.  Robbie Thomas, though, does not list the location of this next show.  (I am sure it was simply a mistake on his part.)

When I checked with them (before buying tickets), they told me that it was at:
Van Lear Volunteer Fire Department

Which is either at:
326 Millers Creek Road

Van Lear, KY 41265, United States
(606) 788-0177
101 Euclid Avenue
Paintsville, KY 41240-1112, United States
(606) 789-5200

(and this site seems to confirm it)

The show is on May 21, 2010.  I'm not suggesting that everyone should contact the Volunteer Fire Department to let them know that, to stand with the police and victimized families who DO NOT SUPPORT Robbie Thomas, the Fire Department might want to reconsider letting a known lying scumbag use their facilities.  Someone should contact them, though.

To those that are planning on attending Robbie's shows with the goal of disrupting the performance, we ask that you do not.  Please take the "high road" - Robbie Thomas is the lowlife slimeball and we don't want to stoop to his level.

Recordings of Robbie's shows and readings are much more valuable than disrupting a performance (hey, they have all had less than 30 people!).  If you have recordings of Robbie (his readings, his shows, etc.) we would be interested in getting a copy of it or reviewing it.  Please contact us at emailus@stoprobbie.com if you have anything that might help us in our quest to Stop Robbie Thomas.

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