Friday, April 30, 2010

Carrie "Northern Valkyrie" - From Friend to Foe

Carrie recently posted a blog on "keen" that might interest some of the followers of this "movement". 

Carrie's background is covered in her blog.  Here it is in her own words:

An apology for contributing to pain ...
I was advised not to say anything to avoid a legal nightmare and a half... but to be quite honest .. I've lost a lot of sleep over my actions and supporting the actions of another, but in all fairness I was lied to as well. I had to remove a lot of names here so that authorities over this site don't remove this blog, but here it goes....

Back in October my team decided that we wanted to do a charity event for the Make a Wish Foundation. We needed guest speakers and things to plug into the itinerary. I contacted a celebrity in the paranormal field to ask him his advice and if he knew anyone on this side of the Great Lakes near the GTA that would be willing to come out to our event and be a speaker for free or at a reasonable rate because the vendor space rental, possibly some ticket sales, and the beer sales were there to cover the rental fee of the venue if need be (at the blessing of Make a Wish) and if we didn't have a sell out, then we'd have to go out of pocket. He recommended an individual I never heard of and upon asking around ... Other people known in the paranormal field referred me to the same name {A certain psychic criminal profiler}. I contacted a couple of my friends in the field who have been in Canada longer than I have and all of them sang his praises and really ... I was under the impression that he was a good person with a few haters in the background. Knowing what I know about the paranormal research field .. it seemed that sort of thing was normal and it was just skeptics that were bad mouthing him. I didn't know about other people until this person's tour was announced.... continue reading

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