Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Robbie Thomas' CanAm ParaCon 2010

CanAm Paracon 2010 is the 2nd Paranormal Conference that Robbie Thomas is organizing in Point Edward, Ontario (Robbie claims it is in Sarnia - but what is this site doing questioning his claims?).  The event is scheduled for August 6, 7 and 8, 2010 and is to be held at the Quality Inn (formerly, the Village Inn). 

More information on the conference can be found at www.canamparacon.com. 

I felt it important to mention Robbie's other venture as people may be mislead by his website and marketing materials (surprise, surprise).  Robbie has a number of speakers listed on his "speakers" page that have confirmed with myself (and other members of this blog) that they are NOT attending and will NOT be speaking.  Robbie has been informed of this yet fails to make changes to his promotional materials, etc.

If you are planning on attending the CanAm Paracon, I suggest you confirm with Robbie Thomas (who is not psychic) that the speakers that you are hoping to see will actually be there.  Robbie Thomas has listed robbiethomas@cogeco.ca as his contact address on the Paracon site.

Just a reminder: Help us protect others from Robbie Thomas - link to www.stoprobbie.com.

UPDATE (April 30, 2010): Robbie Thomas has removed the speakers that have confirmed they would not be attending.  It is possible that Aron Houdini (who is not related to Harry Houdini, he simply changed his name to Houdini - check it out, Houdini had no children), Michael Esposito, Keith Age, Robbie Thomas and David Fultz are attending.  Maybe they haven't learned about Robbie - feel free to let Keith Age, Aron Houdini, Michael Esposito and David Fultz know about http://www.stoprobbie.com/

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