Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My Involvement Moving Forward

In reading 59 Seconds (Richard Wiseman), I've come to understand the need to set out goals and to publicize them to increase my chances of succeeding so here goes...

I'm hoping, through my contribution to this site, that we can:
  1. Raise awareness about Robbie Thomas, his actions and the harm he causes
  2. Help protect others from being abused by Robbie Thomas (or other psychics)
  3. Have Robbie Thomas beaten silly by the ghosts he encounters
To achieve these goals, the steps I plan to take include:
  1. Compiling a list of links (including the ones in the original blog posting) about Robbie Thomas' actions
  2. Adding links to sites regarding psychics and their involvement in missing persons and other criminal cases
  3. Creating and maintaining (with your assistance) a "Where's Robbie?" section to outline his public plans/schedule
  4. Gathering and creating materials for others to use when they are attending a Robbie Thomas (or other psychic) event
  5. Soliciting "guest" blog entries/articles from others in the field
  6. Encouraging others to link to Stop Robbie Thomas from their sites/blogs
If you would like to be a guest contributor on this blog/site, you are asked to email emailus@stoprobbie.com but if you have something to add, that could assist me in some of my goals, contact me at sarniaskeptic@gmail.com.

Who Am I & Why Am I Here?
I'm a skeptic and I'm proud of that title.  Skepticism is not about being a pessimist, it is a way of approaching claims and ideas.  I blog "anonymously" because this isn't about me.  Many in our city (Sarnia) and in the skeptical community know who I am and are aware of my blog/views.  I just don't feel that my position in any group or community should add weight to (or change the validity of) my arguments.  They are what they are - either valid and accurate or they are not.  The message: Think (critically) for yourself.

I became involved in this mess that is Robbie Thomas after posting a simple blog posting (Psychic Solves Abduction/Murder Case) in May 2009 about how there would not be a psychic standing up with (or being recognized by) the Ontario Provincial Police when they announced arrests in the case of a (fairly) local girl who had been kidnapped and murdered. 

Shortly after posting my blog I began to receive emails from people who had "encountered" Robbie Thomas - each with horrible stories about Robbie's continued abuse and misuse of their families and their cases.  As I learned more about Robbie Thomas, the more I saw that he needed to be stopped.  The personal stories of these families are heart-wrenching and, as a result, my blog entries took on real meaning - the harm inflicted by people like Robbie Thomas is real and it needs to end.

Though I can't speak for the other contributors to this site, I think we hold very similar views on the following; I don't see this as an attempt to ruin someone's life - I see it as an attempt to stop Robbie Thomas from ruining the lives of others.  I am here because it matters what we do or fail to do and I hope you'll join us in doing what is not only right but necessary and important.  Help us Stop Robbie Thomas.

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  1. Good work on the site, keep it up! If he ever passes through Florida, I'll be sure to tazerize him for ya.