Tuesday, August 24, 2010

About Robbie Thomas - Cutting through the crap

Robbie Thomas(claimed psychic)'s latest website (he has changed his website almost as often as he's changed his stories) has an all-new (but really tired) "About Robbie Thomas".  See it for yourself at http://www.robbiethomas.net/ if you'd like - or read it with a proper interpretation right here.
ABOUT ROBBIE THOMAS Robbie Thomas is a Best Selling Author with the book Paranormal Encounters. He has also three other books, published titles are...Signs From Heaven, To You From Spirit and A Link To Heaven...Chats With The Other Side. His success has seen two screenplays being written with a third in development for a trilogy titled, 'Paradox' in the Paranormal Horror genre.

First of all, Robbie Thomas (if at all) is only a best selling author compared to other books at his little known publisher.  No major magazines or newspapers have identified either of his books as best sellers ever.

Robbie references his "success" as having (in the past) seen two screen plays being (currently) written.  This is probably completely made-up but we'll give him the benefit of the doubt.  The "third in development for a trilogy titled 'Paradox'" is interesting when you consider that 'Paradox' (as per the auto-reply email that I got from his email address in February) was supposedly "... coming to screens everywhere in 2009. Robbie produced, directed and wrote the screenplay for this factual based movie based on the Paranormal and twisted it with Horror." (See the bottom of a previous blog entry by Sarnia Skeptic.) Or check out Robbie's YouTube video advertising it.
Robbie is a contributing Author to three other titles one of which he worked with Award Winning Screenwriter, Gloria Shepherd. With Paranormal Encounters being a Best Seller there is more to come from Robbie, keep your eyes open for the new smash hit book 'Paradox The Gates Of Hell' coming soon!
How does a book that hasn't even been completed/released become a smash hit?  Oh, I forgot - Robbie claims to be psychic and any psychic worth anything would be able to predict the outcome.  (Let's forget, for a moment, that Robbie Thomas is not psychic.)
Robbie has worked with many integral individuals within the paranormal community and starred in the critically acclaimed hit movies, The Sallie House and Dead Whisper. Robbie is also an outstanding professional motivational speaker as an expert in the metaphysical/spiritual/paranormal industry. He hosts the Can-Am Parafest Events in Sarnia, Ontario, Canada each year that sees a variety of celebrities speakers from television and film come to present on various topics in the Paranormal, Horror and Comedy genre's. For more information on the CanAm Parafest Events go to www.canamparafest.com
Neither The Sallie House nor the Dead Whisper were hit movies if you follow any definition of "hit movie" that I could find.  Robbie is hardly an outstanding professional motivational speaker - http://www.ghostlytalk.com/audio/Can-AmParacon2009/01-robbiethomas.mp3 - this was a talk from the 2009 ParaCon event.

The CanAmParafest.com site is (at the time of writing) not active.  Robbie has changed the name of the event each year with the website for each year disappearing shortly after the event was supposed to have happened.  At this point we have not heard from a single person who attended the 2010 event (if it even happened) but we do know that 2009 was a flop (I went). 
He has successfully assisted in murder/missing persons cases for twenty years with different Law Enforcement Agencies and families internationally as a Psychic Criminal Profiler.
Robbie Thomas has never solved a missing persons or a murder case by using any claimed psychic powers.  No police have ever credited him with solving them.  On Robbie's "Cases" page, he refers to the Victoria Stafford case.  A family member had written Robbie a letter and he uses it (incessantly) to push his abilities though he did not solve the case.  The police force that was involved in the case does not work with psychics and did not solve this particular case with the help of Robbie Thomas - police work and community support is what caught the alleged murderers (oh, did Robbie forget to mention to everyone that he claimed that Victoria was alive many days after she had been murdered?) (Sarnia Skeptic has talked about this case extensively here, here, here and here.) 

In 20 years (Robbie claims, now, that he has been doing this for 20 year) he has never solved a case - I wouldn't consider that to be "successful" assistance.  Countless missing person's groups sternly state that they do not work with psychics and many have posted formal warnings about the harm that psychics do/have done/can do.

The Cano case (also listed on the "Cases" page) was not solved by Robbie Thomas.
Robbie has been featured in many magazines world wide, notables would be, Paranormal Magazine (England), Fix Magazine (Canada), Unexplained Paranormal Magazine (United States), Haunted Times Magazine (UnitedStates), Silent Voices (England), Visions Magazine (United States) and many more.
Forgive me, Jessica (the publisher of Fix Magazine), but Fix Magazine is not a "notable" "world wide" magazine - it is a good local arts and entertainment magazine (http://www.fixmagazine.ca/).  I have a hunch that, though he may have been featured in it in the past, a second feature won't be happening.

The issue of Robbie being featured in magazines does not change anything.  If your life and career are based on blatant lies and fraudulent claims, it doesn't matter how many magazines or newspapers you are in - the lies are no more true and the false claims are no less false - you are a liar and a fraud. 

Until Robbie Thomas presents a single bit of supporting evidence to back up his claims, we will have to assume that the claims are false.  And that's all you need to know about the non-psychic Robbie Thomas.

For humour, check out this contract that Robbie Poulton/Robbie Thomas created for another project he was supposed to do:  http://www.prrsociety.org/contract.html.


  1. You think his contract is a joke, you should have heard the radio show he did to " Clear the Air" about it. It was so bad that another group ( Who Forted ) made fun of him..hilarious!!

    I am so glad I got away from him when he sent me that BS contract. Let me know if you would like his email's in reference to the contract etc.

  2. Jennifer - contact myself @ sarniaskeptic@gmail.com or email the group here at emailus@stoprobbie.com - we'd love to hear what you have to say.