Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Robbie Thomas Paradox: Does he ever speak the truth?

Our good friend Robbie Thomas has re-joined Twitter.  A while back Robbie was using his twitter account to publicize his involvement in cases that he has not solved (oddly, he failed to mention that).  Some of the cases go back years and years - even ones that he claimed would be solved within months. 

Robbie Thomas cleared his Twitter account because at least one family began notifying him that he is not permitted to use their deceased family member for his self-promotion.  He denied he was (Robbie lies) but deleted the twitter account anyway (failing to realize that I and SarniaSkeptic had already made copies of it all).

Well, Robbie Thomas (www.twitter.com/Robbie_Thomas) is back at twitter (I think he missed having us point out how stupid he is).  A recent post (the most recent at the time of this entry) talks about his "4th release" (4th book) that supposedly hit #2 on the best sellers list at PublishAmerica on June 25th.  A week later (and to this day) the book is not listed anywhere in their best sellers list. 

What I find fascinating however, is Robbie is seemingly unable to count.  You see, here is a screen capture of the tweet and his "bio" on Twitter: (http://twitter.com/Robbie_Thomas/statuses/20056041596)

I find this most fascinating because on http://www.deadwhisper.com/people.htm you see that he had written 8 books by 2006.  Since then the number has dwindled to a mere 4.

In case you haven't heard much about the book, here's a "review" of "Paranormal Encounters" that was sent to SarniaSkeptic:
A poor example

I was intrigued by the title, but after reading into the book two chapters I knew that this book would be a disapointment. It is poorly written, gives no new information, and is possibly the worst book on the paranormal I have ever read. Feeling ripped off, I wanted to return the book, but found that I should contact the author and express my thoughts. In google I found Robbie Thomas, the author accused of many unlawful and unethical things. One web site in particular had information on him. stoprobbie.com is all you need to know.

The stories about this movie being made were totally made up according to the people involved. The movie was said to be shot in 2008 and 2009, yet has never been released. There are Youtube videos of the movie and that says it all. It is horrible and the book is the same way.

This book is horrible. I could not recommend it and I wouldn't suggest sending your hard earned money to a con man.

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    Paranormal Encounters
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    2 days ago

    The book is just gibberish.